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I Reply Posts. Hari Hides In Spam. He Afraid?

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8/2/2020 11:48:54 PM
Posted: 1 year ago
What's wrong with blacks?
Nothing. You just hate that they shagged your mom.

Africa lowest in stats
Untrue. India worse in rape, Corruption, And filth.

Africa the epicentre of slavery
Not according to the UN report on child slavery

Indians are not blacks.
Indians call themselves blacks.

Ethan is black
The DDO poll voted you a shithole by 93%!

Ethan obsessed with color.
Hari has more than 57 threads on color.

Harikrish is not a liar.
Yet his lies are posted AND cited all over the board.

Everybody likes Harikrish
Hundreds of posts of members calling Harikrish a disgusting moron.

But the moron just keeps spamming the same loser stupidity over and over. Soundly beaten on every topic, The 3rd world shithole resorts to "deer in the headlights" repeated spam.

Why is Ethan afraid of the truth?

If Ethan is the on afraid, Why is he answering your threads as you try to run from them with moron spam?

What a moron.

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