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Ethang5's worldview distorted by the bible

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8/4/2020 7:31:16 PM
Posted: 1 year ago
Ethang5 claims he studied the bible for 50 years

Title Please Christians:
https://www. Debate. Org/forums/religion/topic/55310/
Ethang5 wrote: I have studied the entire Bible for almost 50 years and have not yet found a single contradiction or falsehood in it.

Then he introduces a contradiction.
Ethang5 wrote:: "I maintain that the curse of Canaan is fulfilled in the slavery of India.
- Indians are the descendants of Ham.
- Arabs are the descendants of Japheth.
- The British are the descendants of Shem. "

So Africans descended from Apes as they have no human ancestors according to Ethang5.

But then he contradicts himself.
https://www. Debate. Org/forums/religion/topic/4337757/
Ethang5 wrote: The bible does not curse India. There is no such thing as karma.

How atheism drove him to embrace a slave religion Christianity.

Ethang5 wrote: In my 35 years of debating atheists, I have never ever once heard an atheist ask, "What would have happened if the offending youth was not stopped? "

Ethang wrote: My position as an atheist was that religion was a crutch for the mentally weak. "
Then the nigger became mentally weak and embraced a slave religion Christianity.

1 Ethang5 wrote: I am a proud slave of His Royal Highness, King Jesus Christ.
Ethang is a proud slave.

2 Ethang said: For His Majesty King Jesus? Full time slave here moron. Jesus has my all.
Ethang is a full time slave.

3 Ethang said: Say it again, I want to lift His name so high, The world is blinded by His shine.
Ethang wants Jesus to shine his light on the black negroid slaves like him.

4 Ethang5 wrote: I live in Africa where I run Bibles to countries which outlaw the possession of Bibles. Been doing it for more than 22 years to many countries. I have 3 children. (Pimping children are also illegal, Nigger)
And Ethang runs Bibles as a full time slave for free.

5 Ethang5 said: Of course. Been doing it for more than 22 years to many countries.
Wow, Ethang worked for free as a full time slave.

6 Ethang5 wrote: I live in Africa where slavery is still practiced today.
You can buy a African slaves in Libya for $400 each.

7 Read the link list #186 Harikrish for Christian champion.
https://www. Debate. Org/forums/religion/topic/78923/
Ethang5 wrote: How could I modify links in YOUR posts? I'm just a poor African slave remember?

Nigger Ethang5 you confessed you are very black after confessing for years you are a poor African slave living in Ghana Africa. So even among blacks you are very black! Lol!

Ethang5 confessed he is very black!
Post#14 title loser Behavior.
https://www. Debate. Org/forums/religion/topic/4343765/
Ethang5 wrote: I'm the only black, But you're the one no one likes.

Post#6 title more comments on the DDO poll
https://www. Debate. Org/forums/religion/topic/434381/
Ethang wrote: OK. I am the only black, And you are the only shithole. I'm black, But people like me. How come no one likes you Mr. Very white?

https://www. Debate. Org/forums/religion/topic/4343883/
Ethang5 wrote: He is Mr. Very white, And I am Mr. Very black.

You talk about slums in India but Nigger Ethang you are the only slumdog slum dweller on DDO who actually lives in a slum city Accra Ghana a shithole country.
Open sewers run throughout your city and houses In Accra New Town, In the heart of Ghana's capital, Most houses are built without toilet facilities.
Ethang5's profile. Ethang5 (slum-mutt) 57-year old in Accra, Greater Accra Region, Ghana.
Ghana ranked the 7th dirtiest country in the world. Busted nigger Ethang!
https://www. Graphic. Com. Gh/features/features/ghana-world-s-7th-dirtiest-country. Html

You are the most shamed nigger on DDO nigger Ethang.

265 slums identified in Accra alone.
https://www. Ghanaweb. Com/GhanaHomePage/NewsArchive/265-slums-identified-in-Accra-alone-626538

Ghana ranked 2nd only after Sudan in Africa on open defecation list.
https://youtu. Be/dznnlcG-bKI

Open defecation in Chorkor Accra Ghana.
https://youtu. Be/JsYKarjP3js

Slums in Accra Ghana.
https://youtu. Be/wDXezo0v5o4

Africans being treated for AIDS and extreme stupidity
https://youtu. Be/xk2v6WyoHUY
https://youtu. Be/ecATcD9ng3Y

Africans like Ethang love to lick cows backsides.
https://youtu. Be/n8PYozPB-8I

Trump shithole comments
https://youtu. Be/HcMFmoTCdcU
https://youtu. Be/e-Odk4n_KeY

What do we know about blacks?
According to Trump they are shitholes.

You make disparaging comments about Africans when you are a self confessed poor African slave living and working in Ghana Africa.

Ethang5's profile. Ethang5 (slum-mutt) 57-year old in Accra, Greater Accra Region, Ghana.

Read nigger Ethang's confessions.

Ethang5 wrote: Lol. Of course I am African, Why do you keep talking about America?
Ethang5 wrote: I live in Africa where slavery is still practiced today.
Ethang5 wrote: "I'm not a proud African.
Ethang5 wrote: I never said I was smart.
Ethang5 wrote: Yes, I am not proud to be African. I cannot be proud to be African.
Ethang5 wrote: I live in Africa where the literacy rate is below 50%,
Ethang5 said: I live close to where Boko Haram operates
Ethang5 wrote: I think you're right. I live in Ghana, West Africa,
Ethang5 wrote: I currently live in a country with a society much closer to the 1st century than the society in which you live.
Ethang5 wrote:. I live among people like the Piraha.

Ethang5 wrote: I live in Ghana, Some of what is custom here would be child abuse in America,

Ethang5 wrote: I live in Ghana, West Africa. If you think life is miserable, Come here and I will open your eyes.
Ethang5 wrote: Worse still is a black person so deluded and self-loathing he has to pretend he's white, Terrified that he's a nigger.

You call Indians niggers and say they are black.
But Nigger definition: Black people of African origin.
According to your confession, You are very black. You live in Africa where you are a poor African slave. And you are terrified that you are a nigger.
We all agree you are a nigger!

Nigger Ethang5 is everything he projects on others. He is a very black slumdog low IQ lying negroid, A terrified very sick unemployed Nigger living in Accra Ghana Africa.
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8/4/2020 7:56:40 PM
Posted: 1 year ago
Jesus distorted the bible too.

It turned out Jesus was a liar and lunatic.
John 10:20 Many of them said, "He is demon-possessed and raving mad. Why listen to him? "

Mark 3:21 when his family heard about this, They went to take charge of him, For they said, "He is out of his mind. "

Jesus was deluded and believed God spoke through him.
John 12:49 For I did not speak on my own, But the Father who sent me commanded me to say all that I have spoken.

But when the people listened to the words he spoke they did not understand him, Even his disciples struggled to understand him. Jesus had to explain to them in secret what he was saying in his parables. But he explained with more parables which suggests God was also incoherent and inarticulate and failed to communicate through Jesus. But we know God turned Moses who was slow in speech and mind into a leader and messenger. The problem was Jesus not God.

Mark 4:34 He did not say anything to them without using a parable. But when he was alone with his own disciples, He explained everything.

Jesus was a notorious liar. Even John the Baptist expressed his doubts to Jesus and asked Jesus if he was really the promised one.
Jesus lied when he said John the Baptist was Elijah. John denied he was Elijah.

Here are the scriptures to back my claims. Jesus said John was Elijah, John denies he is Elijah.

Matthew 11:14
And if you are willing to accept what I say, He is Elijah, The one the prophets said would come.

In John 1:6"8 and John 1:19"28, John the Baptist denies he is Elijah. Yet in Matthew 17:9"13, Jesus implies that he was. Isn't this a contradiction?

John 1:21"They asked him, "Then who are you? Are you Elijah? "
He said, "I am not. "
"Are you the Prophet? "
He answered, "No. "

John expresses doubts Jesus is the promised one.
Matthew 11:2"When John, Who was in prison, Heard about the deeds of the Messiah, He sent his disciples 3"to ask him, "Are you the one who is to come, Or should we expect someone else? "

Jesus expresses his own doubts on the cross.

Matthew 27:46 About three in the afternoon Jesus cried out in a loud voice, "Eli, Eli, Lema sabachthani? " (which means "My God, My God, Why have you forsaken me? ").

We know Jesus was crucified for his blasphemous lies.
Jesus did not fulfill any prophesies. By his own account he did not come to change the laws of the prophets. He proved he was subjected to the laws even in his life and thereby validating the Mosaic law given to the Jews by God.
According to the Jewish law:
Deuteronomy 18:20 But a prophet who presumes to speak in my name anything I have not commanded, Or a prophet who speaks in the name of other gods, Is to be put to death. "

It is clear Jesus did not fulfill the prophesies. Instead, He was subjected to the law and put to death as demanded of false prophets according to Mosaic law.

Jesus lied that he was to be sacrificed.

Human sacrifice was forbidden by God. So Jesus was not sacrificed.

Many argue Jesus's death was prophesied. But even Jesus's prophesies were not fulfilled.

1. Matthew 10:23 When you are persecuted in one place, Flee to another. Truly I tell you, You will not finish going through the towns of Israel before the Son of Man comes.

Jesus never fulfilled that promise.

2. Matthew 24:34
Truly I tell you, This generation will certainly not pass away until all these things have happened.

2000 years have passed and many generation have gone by yet his promise remains unfulfilled.

Jesus was a liar and a lunatic before and after his death. Unfortunately he could only be crucified once.

So why are Christians turning God into a liar and lunatic or turning a liar and lunatic into a God?

As a Vedantist raised in the Vedantuc tradition and trained in the reading of esoteric scriptures, Christian Theology and Islamic fundamentalist, I am not at liberty to speculate outside of scriptures. And the scriptures are clear that Jesus was tried, Convicted and put to death for his blasphemous lies and lunacy.

So why are Christians perpetrating the delusions of a Jewish rabbi who was put to death for his delusional blasphemous lies?

We have to turn to our experts in tbe field of human behaviour. As a student of the behavioural sciences (CBT) I have also explored a diagnostic approach.
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8/27/2020 11:01:53 PM
Posted: 1 year ago
Harikrish was right Hindus/Hinduism had nothing to do with the demise of the African people
Ethang5 takes it a step further and claims Christians have replaced the evil God of the bible who tried to destroy the world with a flood with Lord Krishna the new God of the Bible who saved the world through Noah.
Ethang5 now believes the Bible does not curse India because there was no India in the days of Canaan.

Ethang's case to prove Lord Krishna is the God of the bible.
Ethang5 wrote: I'm thinking, If Krishna was behind the sin of Ham, And the sin of Sodom and Gomorrah, And the curse on India, His work is probably in the bible too.

Krishna is the demon of Incest, Rape, And homosexuality. So I decided to look for cases of incest in the gospels and I soon found Mark 6, The death of John the Baptist.

In Noah's case, Krishna took away the promise land from whom it had been promised. He sought to destroy Israel, The country from which Jesus was supposed to come.

In Lots case, Krishna sought to destroy Abraham, From whom descendants was to come Jesus.

In Herod's case, Krishna was taking a shot at Jesus Himself. Remember that Herod was the one who would judge Jesus.
Ethang wrote: There is one instance with Abraham where he, Out of fear, Listed his wife as his sister. That may be another attempt by the incest God Krishna to waylay Abraham.

Ethang5 wrote: Krishna was the "god" of Ham. The "god" of Sodom and Gomorrah, The "god" of Lot's daughters, The "god" of Seba.

If Lord Krishna is the God of Noah, Abraham, Lot, Ham, Seba, As Ethang5 claims and he has studied the bible for over 50 years. Yet he also claims the bible does not curse India. Claiming there was no India in the days of Canaan when Noah cursed Ham and his children who were the first Africans proves Hinduism had nothing to do with the demise of the African people.

Ethang5 wrote: There was no "India" in the days of Canaan moron, God cursed Hinduism, The religion of incest, And Hinduism is India.

Ethang5 wrote: There was no "India" in the days of Canaan
Ethang5 wrote: The bible does not curse India.

But if there was no India in the days of Canaan then there was no Hinduism or Indians for Noah to curse. Hinduism is the religion of India.

But if Lord Krishna is the God of Noah then it is Lord Krishna that saved the world through Noah.

Noah's curse of Ham and his children who were the first Africans had to be personal.
Lord Krishna has just saved the world through Noah. So it was what Ham did to Noah that triggered Noah's curse. It was upto Noah's other sons to deal with Ham and his children the first Africans.
Genesis 9:W24 hen Noah awoke from his wine and found out what his youngest son had done to him, 25 he said,

"Cursed be Canaan!
The lowest of slaves
will he be to his brothers. "
26 He also said,

"Praise be to the Lord, The God of Shem!
May Canaan be the slave of Shem.
27 May God extend Japheth"s[b] territory;
may Japheth live in the tents of Shem,
and may Canaan be the slave of Japheth. "

From African slaves to African shitholes.
https://m. Youtube. Com/watch? V=j61X3m50Hn0

Arab slave trade.
https://m. Youtube. Com/watch? V=5OdIqeWkhHU

Why European enslaved Africans.
https://m. Youtube. Com/watch? V=opUDFaqNgXc

The Atlantic slave trade.
https://m. Youtube. Com/watch? V=3NXC4Q_4JVg

Libya Slave trade.
https://m. Youtube. Com/watch? V=dV7o31P4q4g

Noah's curse and its fulfillment.
Note all those associated with Ham are from African countries. Egypt, Sudan, Libya.

But who was to carry out Noah's curse? Surely Noah was not asking God to carry out his curse on Ham and his children the first Africans. That would be preposterous.
The bible tells us he was ordering his other sons (Shem and Japheth) to fulfill his wishes and carry out the curse by enslaving the children and descendants of Ham who were the first Africans.
We see how Christians especially those who are the descendants of Shem and Japheth justifying African slavery from the passages of Genesis 9 and 10.

African slaves were owned and traded as slaves by Arabs (1, 300 years), Romans, Portugues and Christians (400 years). Note, All descendants of Shem and Japheth.

Estimated African slaves shipped during slavery periods by European and Arab countries.
European. 12, 5 million 14. 4%. Slaves that survived 10, 7 million.
Arab. 80 million 85%. Slaves that survived 12 million
Total slaves shipped 92, 5 million slaves that survived 22, 7 million.

Total estimates on white Christian Europeans slave trade before it was over as many as 60 million Africans would be killed for the profit of white Christian imperialism.
"The largest slave trade in the history of the world was created by white Christian Europeans. Before it was over as many as 60 million Africans would be killed for the profit of white Christian imperialism. A key reason for the high death toll was the tidal wave of war and desolation that the slave trade unleashed into the heart of Africa. Huge numbers of people died being marched to the coasts of Africa from the interior as well as in an endless series of wars produced by the quest for new slaves. Millions more would die in concentration camps at both ends of the sea journey, And significant numbers would die due to the appalling conditions on the slave ships. "

Nigger Ethang5 even apologized to India.
Ethang5 wrote: Sorry India. I don't know what to say. I was sure he said he had "won" something.
Ethang5 wrote: The bible does not curse India.
I saw that as a win!

You don't have to be a Hindu to believe in Lord Krishna. Lord Krishna is the better God of the Bible. The God of Christianity tried to destroy the world with a flood. Lord Krishna saved the world through Noah. Hare Krishna! Hare Rama!

Hindus don't have a problem with this interpretation.

Ironically Ethang5 confirms God is stuck in India.
Ethang5 wrote: Look out the window of your slum hut mutt. God is stuck in your shithole country.

So Lord Krishna the God of the Bible is back in India. Lol!
Hindus don't have a problem with this interpretation.

Harikrish biblical scholar and spiritual leader.
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5/5/2021 5:03:04 PM
Posted: 5 months ago
Eating poop has also distorted Ethang5's worldview.

Ghanaians know there is fecal waste in their food and drinking water. Their homes are flooded by over flowing sewers. 86% of Ghanaian homes don't have toilets.
Most Ghanaians believe eating poo is an acquired taste.
Dubai Arabs call this Ghanaian obsession Dubai Porta Potty.

What percentage of human fecal waste ingested by Accra Ghanaians caused by open overflowing sewers, Open defecation and absence of toilets in Ghanaian homes?

100% of human feces is recycled in Ghana.
Jamestown beach, Once considered to be one of Accra"s most famous beaches, 25-year-old Francis Cudjoe and his three friends squat in the open air while in conversation.

They are defecating in full view on the beach, And they are not alone. Off in the distance, One can spot many more residents dropping their pants, Squatting and freeing their bowels.

Shortly after they leave, Ocean waves wash away their waste.

With four million people without access to a toilet and 4. 5 million with no sewage facilities, The World Health Organization (WHO) and UN Children"s Fund (UNICEF) recently ranked Ghana the fourth most unsanitary country in Africa in a total of 52 judged, And the second dirtiest out of 15 West African countries.

The two organisations monitor African countries" sanitation services.

This ranking has rallied local environmental organisations to clamour for more radical governmental action on Ghana"s deteriorating sanitation record.

For the local Coalition of NGOs in Water and Sanitation (CONIWAS), "the ranking should serve as a reality check for authorities who act as if all is well, " says Executive Secretary Patrick Apoya.

He says Ghana has a "national sanitation crisis" and calls on the government to declare a "national emergency. "

Desperate measures

Walking down the beach, One has to carefully pick one"s steps to avoid stepping in faeces.

"The beach has been where I have come [to do this] since childhood - I can"t stop. In any case even if I want to stop, There is no alternative, " Cudjoe tells IRIN.

With no toilet facilities, People turn to bushes, Drains, Fields and even outlawed pan latrines to defecate.

The pan latrine is a portable toilet made up of a bucket around which is fitted a wooden frame or seat with a hole in the middle.

When the bucket is full, Users pay somebody to dump it in a waste centre. Eventually the waste is pumped out to the sea.

Ghana"s Supreme Court banned the use of these latrines in July 2008, Saying they violated people"s dignity, And ordered city authorities to arrest and prosecute users.

Health and economic toll

About one kilometre away from Jamestown beach, Women selling food at Makola market in central Accra are surrounded by heaps of refuse. An unbearable stench pervades the air as green fluid seeps from the refuse onto the road.

According to the government"s Environmental Health and Sanitation Directorate (EHSD), Ghana can only manage 30 percent of the daily waste its residents generate. (70% of the remaining human waste is recycled through the population through the food they eat and drinking water).
Now even the 30% of the daily waste is being recycled into reusable fuel for cooking food. In short 100% of the human waste generated by Ghanians find their way into the food they eat.

Ghanaians are filthy, Dirty and greedy people - Prof Aheto
https://www. Ghanaweb. Com/GhanaHomePage/NewsArchive/Ghanaians-are-greedy-dirty-and-filthy-Prof-Aheto-750619

Such conditions lead to up to eight deaths an hour, Estimated Minister of Health Courage Quarfhigah.

Every year, The health ministry reports more than 400, 000 out-patient cases of sanitation-related diseases, Including diarrhoea, Typhoid, Cholera and hepatitis, Which lead to about 65, 000 deaths.

Alias Sory, Director general of Ghana"s health services, Told IRIN costs are mounting. "Increasingly, The country"s health facilities are being overwhelmed by sanitation related diseases. The cost to the nation is unbearable. "

Ghanaian woman has shared her Dubai Porta Potty experience and it"s just disgusting like the video circulating on social media. What do some women want in this life?

In her case, Because she wasn"t able to go through all the disgusting sexual experiences, She was paid $5, 700 instead of $18, 000.

Read the full story below.
"Hi Aunty Ama, Please keep this a secret for me in the name of God.
I realised i had to let it out when i saw some people air their views on other platforms.

I am also part of the ladys who have been sexually abused in Dubai. I met a lady on facebook who happens to travel there alot because i saw pictures of her on the dessert and all so when we started getting familiar through facebook comment i inbox her and we became friends from there.

She told me later how she make money by goin to dubai and she just sleeps with one person make money and buy clothes and perfumes to come and sell but i told her and that she could take me there when ever she was going. I told her i don't have money but she told me she will pay for me and i pay her bac on our return. . We has gotten so close now so she trusted me.

Hmmm Aunty Ama the very day we went we didnt go to a hotel as she said, We went straight to one big house that belonged to one Arab man. He was excited to see me so i knew that was the man she was about to link me to, That night she left for clubbing with the mans friend. He tied me to the bed in a romantic way and asked me to suck his dick which i did but he won't let me stop and my jaws were coming out he started beating me and telling me i wS going to give him a blow job for an hour so i better cooperate because he was goin to pay me 18, 000 dollars.

i suffered but i did, The next minute he sat on my face i tot i was going to smell his anus (so to speak) but he asked me to lick because thats the only way he can come. I was hesitating till he threatened me with a live snake in the room. I had soo much regrets but i was already there, I licked it till poo started coming out and this man asked me to eat it.

I have really suffered my God i still have scars on my body from the whips i got from not just eating everything. . He brought a huge dog for me to suck on the genitals and warned that it will chew me if i don't do it well and that ended my life. He then left to his room and started talking to his friend on phone (i knew it was abut me but i codnt understand the language) Aunt Ama i didnt blink am eye that night.

The following day, My friend insulted me and told me how loose i am booked a flight for me to come back to Ghana and gave me 5700 dollars.
I haven"t survived this and its been almost a year. I am contemplating on ending my life. I don"t know what to do. I reported to the police here to arrest the lady but they kept tossing me about, One of them told me it was even my fault".

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