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Is Africa a Christian continent?

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9/4/2020 10:00:06 PM
Posted: 1 year ago
"Today, There are more Christians living in Africa than any other continent in the world. According to data published by the Center for the Study of Global Christianity, There are more than 631 million Christians that currently reside in Africa. By the year 2060, Six of the top ten countries with the largest Christian populations will be in Africa, According to a Pew Research Center report. Although Christianity in Africa is widespread, The nations situated in the Southern, Southeast, And Central regions of the continent are particularly dominated by Christians.

Let's look at how Africans are functioning as Christians.

80% of Africans claim they are Christians.
Christianity used the Bible to justify African slavery. Afrcans were beaten, Raped, Lynched, Publicly whipped, Separated from whites and treated as unequal subhumans because of their black skin and negroid appearance.

Today Africans and Blacks are converting to Christianity so they can perpetuate the same treatment on fellow blacks and Africans just as whites did in the name of Christianity.

Today Africa is 80% Christians and also:

1. AIDS capital of the world.
2. Rape capital of the world ranked 1. South Africa, 2. Botswana and 3. Lesotho.
3. 1, 700 years of African slavery. Slavery is all Africans know.
4. Africans now sold in Libya as slaves.
5 20 million Africans predicted to die from starvation according to UN report.
6. Nothing good has ever come out of Africa.
7. Aids could kill 90 million Africans, Says UN
8. 25 million Africans to die from starvation (UNESCO report).

I researched the statistics on the American experience with negroids after slavery.

1. 30% of Africans are incarcerated (in prison).
2. 30% of Africans are unemployed.
3 The latest report from the Schott Foundation for Public Education shows that 40 percent of African American males drop out of high school.
4 Only 30% of black children are born to married couples (see Marriage below).
5 Among racial and ethnic groups, African Americans had the highest poverty rate, 27. 4 percent, Followed by Hispanics at 26. 6 percent and whites at 9. 9 percent.
6 45. 8 percent of young black children (under age 6) live in poverty, Compared to 14. 5 percent of white children.
7 Nationally, Each black home is worth $48000 less on average compared to white homes.
8 The median income for black households is a little less than 60% of that of white households.
9 According to the Federal Reserve"s Survey of Consumer Finances, The median wealth of black households is $16, 000, Compared with $163, 000 for whites.
The rest are either drug pushers or pimps with exceptions competing with Mexicans according to Trump.
That is a deficit situation for the US economy.

Africa is a basket case.
Sexual violence is a major problem in African countries. A local organization in Zaria, Nigeria, Found that 16 per cent of patients with sexually transmitted diseases (STDs) were girls under the age of five, A sign of sexual assault. In the single year 1990, The Genito-Urinary Centre in Harare, Zimbabwe, Treated more than 900 girls under 12 for STDs. Such assaults, Observes a WHO publication, Put "African women and girls at higher risk of sexually transmitted diseases [including HIV/AIDS] than men and boys. "
Out of the 34 million HIV-positive people worldwide, 69% live in sub-Saharan Africa. There are roughly 23. 8 million infected persons in all of Africa. 91% of the world's HIV-positive children live in Africa. More than one million adults and children die every year from HIV/AIDS in Africa alone.
Sub-Saharan Africa alone accounted for an estimated 69 percent of all people living with HIV and 70 percent of all AIDS deaths in 2011. . . . As of 2011, HIV has infected at least 10 percent of the population in Botswana, Lesotho, Malawi, Mozambique, Namibia, South Africa, Swaziland, Zambia, And Zimbabwe.

11 countries with the highest rape statistics.
1. South Africa.
South Africa has been dubbed the "Rape Capital of the World". Obviously this title has been hard for some to swallow, Like President Zuma and Africa Check but to name a couple. Zuma denied this, Giving no reason why we should not be called the rape capital, While Africa Check issued a disclaimer, Saying it could not be confirmed or denied due to difficulties in comparisons caused by classification differences and underreporting of rape in general. But whether we are the rape capital, Or the 3rd worst (Forbes), Or at best top 10 worst when it comes to rape, Someone is being raped every second of every day in this country!
I personally embrace this title. If the pain of a few thousand men, Women, Children and even animals being raped each day is not a big deal for the government, Media and citizens, Then maybe an attack on our pride might spark us into action. Now while some of the figures I"d like to share might be old for some, I feel that it"s important and necessary to emphasise this catastrophe every single day.

How many are raped each day?
According to SAPS crime stats, Roughly 1. 25 million sexual assaults have been reported between 1994 and now. That"s roughly 170 per day. The key word here is "reported".
Interpol reported in 2012 that in South Africa, Less than 1% of sexual assaults are reported. A police report around that time stated that only 1 in 36 (2. 8%) cases are reported. A 2010 study by Gender Links and the Medical Research Council (MRC) found that in Gauteng, Only one in 25 rapes had been reported to the police. It seems that the latest consensus is that around 1 in 30 (3. 3%) of sexual assaults are reported, Hence the statement that "a woman is raped every 17 seconds in South Africa". What this roughly equates to is (rounded):
" 5, 000 per day
" 35, 000 per week
" 150, 000 per month
" 1, 800, 000 per year

2. Botswana
After South Africa, Botswana has the highest incidence of rapes at 93 per 100, 000 of population. Also these cases are mostly unreported, So the actual incidence may be more than three to five times. This country also has one of the highest incidences of AIDS, And they keep propagating AIDS by such heinous acts. The illiterate, Almost barbarian population also believes in the myth that sex with a virgin will cure AIDS, Which is a major cause of rapes with children. It is a landlocked country in the southern Africa, Bounded by South Africa, Namibia, And Zimbabwe. This poor country with a population of 2. 5 million is riddled with severe crimes ranging from theft to armed assaults for money.

3. Lesotho
Rape continues to be one of Lesotho"s main social issues. In 2008, According to UNODC, Rapes recorded by the police, Was the highest incidence of any country. The number of rape incidences range from 82 to 88 per 100, 000 of population. It is one of the poorest countries with almost half the population living below the poverty line. Cases of crimes involving kidnapping, Murder, Human trafficking, Assault, Theft etc. Abound along with sexual assaults.
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9/4/2020 10:08:34 PM
Posted: 1 year ago
Let us see how Africa the largest Christian continent with 651 million African Christians are preforming when compare to non Christian countries like India.

To help us we have Ethang5 our resident only very black very sick unemployed nigger slumdog who lives in slum city Accra Ghana a shithole country. I will post his confessions as a self loathing negroid slave next.

Ethang5's profile. Ethang5 (slum-mutt) 57-year old in Accra, Greater Accra Region, Ghana.

Over the last 40 years nearly 20 African countries (or about 40 percent of Africa south of the Sahara (SSA)) have experienced at least one period of civil war. . . . This state of affairs has created stereotypes of Africa as a doomed continent with inescapable ethnic cleavages and violent tribal conflict.

Aids could kill 90 million Africans, Says UN

Nearly 90 million Africans could die from Aids by 2025 without huge international investment, The UN said today, But 67 million people in Africa would still probably die of the disease.
The prediction from UNAids was that the African death toll from Aids would continue to rise no matter what was done but that 16 million people could be saved from death and 43 million from HIV infection if $200bn ("104bn). That sum is far more than donor nations have pledged thus far.

The UN agency report, Aids in Africa, Examined three potential scenarios for the continent in the next 20 years, Depending on the international community's contribution to fighting the epidemic. Even in the best case scenario, With donor nations contributing $200bn, UNAids warned the worst effects of the epidemic would still be to come.

More than 25 million Africans have already been infected with HIV, The virus that causes Aids. However, HIV infections could soar to 90 million, More than 10% of Africa's population, If more is not done soon to combat infection. UNAids estimated the number of Aids orphans could grow from the current 11 million to 27 million by 2025.

Such an outcome had enormous security implications, The agency said. "All these kids growing up without any reference point, They are going to be a very easy reserve for any warlord that comes along, " the execooiutive director of UNAids, Peter Piot, Said.

"In today's world, Aids threatens to destabilise certainly Africa, And perhaps eastern Europe, In a big way. That affects the wealthy countries in terms of migration, Decreasing markets and in terms of the fact that maybe troops will be sent [to restore peace] - all types of expensive consequences, " he said.

Researchers determined that even with greatly increased funding and better treatment, The number of Africans who will die from the virus is likely to reach 67 million.

"What we do today will change the future, " the report concludes. "These scenarios demonstrate that, While societies will have to deal with Aids for some time to come, The extent of the epidemic's impact will depend on the responses and investment now. "

The number of children orphaned by the epidemic will continue to rise beyond 2025. "

Aids already has a devastating impact on the continent. UNAids has reported that life expectancy in nine countries has dropped to below 40 because of the disease. There are 11 million Aids orphans in Africa, And 6, 500 people are dying from the disease each day. In 2004, 3 million people were newly infected, The agency said.

"If, By 2025, Millions of African people are still becoming infected with HIV each year. . . It will not be because there was no choice, " the report said. "It will be because, Collectively, There was insufficient political will to change behaviour at all levels from the institution, To the community, To the individual and halt the forces driving the Aids epidemic in Africa. "

25 million Africans to die from starvation (UNESCO report).
So what has the nigger Ethang who lives in Ghana African been doing for the last 16 years?

Ethang5 wrote: I live in Africa where I run Bibles to countries which outlaw the possession of Bibles. Been doing it for more than 15 years to many countries. I have 3 children. (Pimping children are also illegal, Nigger)

Get your facts right nigger Ethang.

1 The Democratic Republic of the Congo, And the east of the country in particular, Has been described as the "Rape Capital of the World, " and the prevalence and intensity of all forms of sexual violence has been described as the worst in the world.
https://en. M. Wikipedia. Org/wiki/Sexual_violence_in_the_Democratic_Republic_of_the_Congo

2 incest is a real problem in SA.
Incest is a real problem, " said Childline Director Joan van Niekerk. "While there are many cases of father-and-daughter incest, We are also seeing a lot of father-and-son, And older-brother-and-younger-sister sexual interaction. "
"Father-son sexual interaction happens more frequently than people would like to believe. It leaves the child with a distortion of his own identity and sexuality. They grow up thinking they are gay, " she said.

According to police statistics, About 15 000 South African children under the age of 18 were raped last year. This year, Childline has already referred 600 KwaZulu-Natal children for therapy after they were sexually assaulted.
Authorities warn that 50 percent of all cases of rape and sexual assault on children under the age of 18 are committed within the immediate family.
https://www. Iol. Co. Za/news/south-africa/incest-is-a-real-problem-in-sa-say-experts-46091

3 Nigeria: Rape! Incest! Violence! Women! Children! - allAfrica. Com
2013 " In South Africa the incidence of child and baby rape is the highest in the world. This high incidence is often associated with the myth that sexual intercourse with a virgin will cure a man of HIV or AIDS.

4 The law is simply not doing enough for rape survivors in South Africa. According the 2017"crime statistics, Over 100 people are raped every day in our country, And that"s just based on the attacks that are reported. This means that the number of people being brutally violated adds up to tens of thousands every year.
In general, Violent crime in South Africa is rife and horrific, But the prevalence of sexual assault and violence has led to South Africa being dubbed "the rape capital of the world". ""This is largely attributed to the pervasive rape culture that exists in the country.
https://southcoastherald. Co. Za/314591/surge-sexual-assault-violence-led-south-africa-dubbed-rape-capital-world/

5 Shock as 8-month-old baby raped in South Africa - Face2Face Africa
2019 " Authorities at Bonteheuwel, Cape Town, South Africa are in shock over reports that an eight -month-old baby had been raped. Western Cape police spokesperson Captain FC van Wyk confirmed".

6 Rape Viewed as Major Problem Across Sub-Saharan Africa
Prevalent in countries with violence in recent past
NAIROBI -- Majorities in nearly all 18 sub-Saharan African countries surveyed in 2009 say rape is a major problem in their countries. A median of 77% of sub-Saharan Africans see rape as this much of a problem, But in six countries, The percentage saying this reaches 90% or higher.
https://news. Gallup. Com/poll/142832/rape-viewed-major-problem-across-sub-saharan-africa. Aspx

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