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Do Africans celebrate thanksgiving?

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10/12/2020 4:28:04 PM
Posted: 1 year ago
There is no national celebration of thanksgiving in African countries, why?

Almost every country in the world celebrate thanksgiving except Africa. Is it because Africans have nothing to celebrate? After slavery was abolished African lives are worthless. Millions of Africans die from AIDS, Crimes, Rape, starvation and civil wars. There is little to be thankful for!!

Nigger Ethang5 an African and the only very black, very sick unemployed negroid slum dweller on DDO confessed he is terrified that he is a nigger!!
Ethang5's profile. Ethang5 (slum-mutt) 57-year old in Accra, Greater Accra Region, Ghana.
Nigger definition: black people of African origin.

Sorry to hear you lost your job because of your heart condition. Now you are a very black, Very sick unemployed nigger living in slum city Accra Ghana a shithole country. Lol!

He then tried to pimp his little girls on DART and was banned.

Ethang wrote: Post#4 I know a little girl in Ghana that needs 10, 000 Ghana CEDI's ( their unit of money) which comes to $200.
Please send money see Ethang5's email for details.
Turns out it was a scam. Stephen on DART exposed Ethang5's fraud.

"So here your telling salixes that there"IS"a girl in need of an operation AND THE MONEY TO PAY FOR IT, but" then," hey presto, when pushed on the matter you tell us all that she has had the operation and all is fine ." YOUR A FKN LIAR!!!!! and anyone and everyone can see this to be the case."

Ethang's confessions.

Ethang5 wrote: Lol. Of course I am African, Why do you keep talking about America?
Ethang5 wrote: I live in Africa where I run Bibles to countries which outlaw the possession of Bibles. Been doing it for more than 22 years to many countries. I have 3 children. (Pimping children are also illegal, Nigger)
Ethang5 wrote: I live in Africa where slavery is still practiced today.
Ethang5 wrote: "I'm not a proud African.
Ethang5 wrote: I never said I was smart.
Ethang said: Full time slave here moron. Jesus has my all.
Ethang is a full time slave.
Ethang5 wrote: Yes, I am not proud to be African. I cannot be proud to be African.
Ethang5 wrote: I live in Africa where the literacy rate is below 50%,
Ethang5 said: I live close to where Boko Haram operates.
Ethang5 wrote: I live in Africa where slavery is still practiced today.

Ethang5 wrote: I think you're right. I live in Ghana, West Africa,

Ethang5 wrote: I currently live in a country with a society much closer to the 1st century than the society in which you live.

Ethang5 wrote: Having been kicked off more than a hundred forums,

Ethang5 wrote:. I live among people like the Piraha.

Ethang5 wrote: In Ghana where I live, The JW's are more aggressive.

Ethang5 wrote: I live in Ghana, Some of what is custom here would be child abuse in America, Yet the Ghanaian parents aren't in jail.

Ethang5 wrote: I live in Ghana, West Africa. If you think life is miserable, Come here and I will open your eyes.

Ethang5 wrote: Worse still is a black person so deluded and self-loathing he has to pretend he's white, Terrified that he's a nigger.

So what was Ethang5 doing in Ghana.
So you spent years in Ghana smuggling bibles (22 years)
Arguing with Atheists. (35 years)
Breeding many generations of animals ( many years)
Studying the bible (50 years)
Getting banned from hundreds of forums(35 years)
All to end up a net zero.

So what about Accra Ghana where Ethang lives?

Accra Ghana is a shithole and you live in Accra Ghana. Busted nigger Ethang!

Ghana ranked 2nd only after Sudan in Africa on open defecation list.

Open defecation in Chorkor Accra Ghana.

You live in Ghana Africa which is nothing but a black shithole
Slums in Accra Ghana.

From African slaves to African shitholes.

"There are currently 23 slums in Ghana and 11 slums in Accra " this includes Tema and other major towns in the Greater Accra Region. 6 Major Slums have suffered from forced Evictions; our current focus is Old Fadama. Approximately 100 000 people are currently living in Old Fadama. In 2010 the number was 79 000. The slum is located in the heart of Accra, To the northwest of the city"s central business district. It comprises a mix of residential and commercial self-built structures and 56% of the residents earn their living from informal business activities. 72% of the population of Old Fadama"s current residents originate from one of Ghana"s three northern regions. "

Ghana world"s 7th dirtiest country in the world behind 6 other African countries.
https://www. Graphic. Com. Gh/features/features/ghana-world-s-7th-dirtiest-country. Html
Ghana, Which currently has a sanitation coverage of 15 per cent, Is ranked after South Sudan which has a seven per cent coverage, Niger, 11 per cent; Chad, Madagascar and Togo, 12 per cent each and Sierra Leone which has a 13 per cent access to household toilets, The measurement used for the ranking.

Nigger Ethang has been calling India a dirty country when he is living in Accra Ghana which is nothing but a dirty slum and Ghana ranked the 7th dirtiest country in the world. Busted nigger Ethang!

Housing stats:
According to the Ghana Housing Profile, 60% of all urban households in Ghana occupy single rooms. Only 25% of households own a house. The remainder either rent or live rent-free in a family house. Urban housing is also regarded as very expensive.

About 45% of Accra residents live in some form of slum housing. These areas are overcrowded, Have limited access to piped water and poor sanitation facilities. But this is only part of the picture. Slum housing means more to local residents than the stereotypical depictions of deprivation and poverty.

265 slums identified in Accra alone.
About 265 slums at different stages of development have been identified in Accra, A senior lecturer at the Kwame Nkrumah University of Science and Technology (KNUST), Dr. Prince K. Anokye has disclosed.

Citing a recent research conducted by People"s Dialogue on Human Settlements (PD) Ghana, A non-governmental organisation (NGO), He said: "As many as about 116 are still in their infantile stage, With some already fully developed slums. "

So why is nigger Ethang saying India is a dirty country when we know he lives in Accra Ghana Africa which is the biggest slum city in Ghana? 265 slumps identified in Accra alone!

Ethang5 confessed he is very black. Game over!
Post#14 title loser Behavior.
https://www.Debate.... Org/forums/religion/topic/4343765/
Ethang5 wrote: I'm the only black, But you're the one no one likes.

Post#6 title more comments on the DDO poll
Ethang wrote: OK. I am the only black, And you are the only shithole. I'm black, But people like me. How come no one likes you Mr. Very white?

Ethang5 wrote: He is Mr. Very white, And I am Mr. Very black.

You claim your 3 daughters are illegitimate bastards and people find your wife illiterate.
Ethang5 wrote: Jesus does not sell His slaves, We are His forever. My kids are owned by Jesus also. After all, He created them.

So you had nothing to do with your childrens birth. Wow! Another case of virgin birth like the illegitimate bastard Jesus. Jesus is now creating bastardized children like Ethang's 3 daughters

You cannot ask Ethang's wife to explain why her 3 daughters are illegitimate bastards. She is semi illiterate according to Ethang.
Ethang5 wrote: lol. In some places, Like some parts of Yemen and Sudan, They don't even believe she's graduated high school.

From African slaves to African shitholes.

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