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ISIS mentality, Holy war: 2nd coming

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1/27/2016 1:45:28 PM
Posted: 3 years ago
**Please read with a serious mind and forgiving heart; although it's content is abstruse, it may give light onto ISIS mentality. I have endangered myself for writing it; the next attack might very well be at my hometown.**

The Son of the mind is the work of nature; the Sun of the mind is the work of man.

The Son of the mind; "the Father"s Son". The Son is derived from the Father; the mind is Man"s Father.

The Sun of the mind; "The Heavenly Father"s Sun". The Sun is derived from the Heavenly Father; the sky is Man"s Heavenly Father.

The Sun of the mind is a great trick of Man, once introduced by the ancient Egyptians " it is a small cheat; the Son of the mind replaced by the Sun of the sky. The Father"s Son, becomes the Heavenly Father"s Son by this methodology.

"Cheats" are evil by natural law - there are no "cheats", but Man can trick his enemy in war. The ancient Egyptians created a good trick; it"s good to admit it, and that is the trick. The Egyptian"s "good trick" becomes a cheat to the enemy Father(s); the mind(s); over a prolonged timeline, if he doesn"t admit, or ignore it.

The ancient Egyptians, with intent, caused the enemy Father(s) to trade his Son(s) for the Heavenly Father"s Sun, unintentionally. The problem for the enemy Father(s) is that as time passes he is still under the influence of the Egyptian"s trick, and he is not using the trick in war.

The mind degrades at units of time that pass after the Son is traded for the Sun, enough to create a "cheat". It is unnatural; beyond the realm of natural law " it"s Man"s law; "Nature"s Man becomes Man"s Man".

A Man living by his own law is an abstraction by Nature, but by his own law, he is a cheater. Through the abstraction, the Father created a cheat. Man"s law is an abstraction that originated in Egyptian pyramids; in abstracted circumstances, cheats are a possibility.

The cheat is "the Sun of the mind"" most do not see it, but it"s possibly seen. A number of the ancient Egyptians could see the Sun of the mind, and were taught its proper usage and properties. Its effect is evil in Man, and Man"s law is application of Man"s evil.

"The Heavenly Father"s Son, creates evil, evil creates the Heavenly Father"s Sun (in the place of), The Father"s Son".

The Egyptian"s small cheat was an intentional artistic-creation and experience, they realized it was a small cheat and then used it to their advantage after the artistic creation and experience thereof, had generated an out-of-body experience, unintentionally.

The Egyptian"s small cheat is a "small cheat" because it"s equal to the pointless thought of cheating life which isn"t a possibility by natural law.

Horus, the sky God; The Lord of the Heavenly Father; commonly depicted as a falcon or a human with a falcon headdress, and is associated with war and hunting as well as the sky.

The hands of the Father; the feet of the Mother; derived from "Nature"s Matter, Times Space". A Father"s hands are used to comfort his mind, or support his family. A Mother"s feet are used to labour her heart, or her family.

"the Heavenly Father"s Sun (in the place of), The Father"s Son", Father"s hands and Mother"s feet" cause an abstruse effect on the Father"s Son and Heavenly Father"s Sun, as units of time pass.

There"re evil hands that comfort the Sun of the mind, you commit to evil-derived activity because of an attraction to the Sun. There"re evil feet that labour the Sun of the mind, you cannot understand evil because of repentance of the Son of the mind, from the Sun of the mind.

Knowing the "the Heavenly Father"s Sun (in the place of), The Father"s Son", Father"s hands and Mother"s feet", is not enough to free you from spiritual chains; this is because, in essence, the Sun of the mind is derived from the out-of-body experience of that the ancient Egyptians experienced.

There"re only parts of the body in the product of the Sun of the mind, but the Sun of the mind allows the usage of natural factors " the body must conquer the Egyptians trickery, implemented during this out-of-body experience in their own out-of-body experience.

Almost impossible with how much the Father has degraded in the modern era; it would take a true master with true understanding of his unaffected Son of the mind, and unaffected natural law.

This art is called the "Son in Heaven".