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The Endgame

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2/23/2016 3:08:10 AM
Posted: 3 years ago
Christians think their happy ending is going to occur without buildup not explicit in their scriptures. Acting between the lines is what their unholy war is missing. Amateurs who rely on their own resources have nothing supernatural to expect.

My point being, my contribution to their cause may seem unwarranted, yet do I care?
The Antichrist (I mean, the next Hitler for those who are gullible to fall for this euphemism) needs a scapegoat other than Jesus. The blame game will revolve around him and shifting culpability is not only hilariously strategic but necessary for reducing the hate inevitably destined to target my fellow morons, the Christians.

Who needs a diary when the future trial will defer to this website as documented plans of my vindictive vindication?