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Deviation Sets the World in Motion

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4/2/2016 5:26:37 PM
Posted: 3 years ago
There is a friction, yet necessarily so, between the material outlook and the spiritual one. It is the nature of the human mind to have a tendency to absolutism or to see value in one over the other.

Of course, we do not see absolute value in anything only a tendency toward it.

It is a propensity for stability in the rational mind to seek out regularity, high degrees of probability, things which are common and natural.

Yet, for the spiritually-minded, predictability represents a mundane world.

Each mind vacillates between predictabilities and unpredictability, reason and absurdity. It is a need for dynamic equilibrium for which each of us is searching. For some, the pull is in the direction of balance; for others the pull is in the direction of interaction. An objective world without change is dead. It is the teetertottering of the individual psyche which puts one in motion. It is the fluctuations of the collective which puts society in motion. It is the obliquity of the earth which sets it in its course.

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