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Our Egos Make Us Weak

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4/24/2016 4:45:38 AM
Posted: 3 years ago
Is esteeming others more highly than ourselves, alone, the means by which the least shall be greatest or is it at all possible to improve our lots by finding worth within ourselves?

For, I believe we too contain value and not mere depravity. We see within ourselves both good and evil, sufficiencies and insufficiencies.

The places in which we fall short are those areas which distinguish us from each other; in other words, our egos are insufficient in and of themselves. It is our peaceable and harmonious nature that marks our strength. So, in focusing on our individuality, we do not set our attention on those things which make us strong but, rather, on those things which make us inadequate. The ego is divisive; it is that which restricts us; it sets lines of demarcation and creates in us self-worth or worth which is limited to one's self. As we see value in others, those things by which we agree, we are not focused on those things which make us individuals but, rather, on those things which make us one. Focusing on the good in others enlarges our borders by opening our eyes to our larger or transcendent selves, which we are as one unified whole.

Of course, we will always see our limitations, our inadequacies, our finite selves. Without this capacity, we lose our identities.

However, we grow in stature and increase in magnanimity as we grow into one universal whole.

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