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the truth about Bosnia

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5/31/2016 9:57:30 AM
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PROFESSOR SALIH SELIMOVIĆ: "The Turks were making fun of Muslims Serbs, Bosniak mean empty-headed, stupid!"

s 10/14/2015 17:27
The Company Highlighted Serbia

Muslims have never become the Turks because they preserve their native language, the old tradition of always knew their origin, says historian and professor Salih Selimović for weekly Stamp, explaining the causes of historical discord Serb Muslim religion and Orthodox Serbs.

History Professor Salih Selimović from Sjenica (Photo: YouTube printskrin)

Historian and professor Salih Selimović is an excellent connoisseur of topics related to the Serbian-Muslim relations and the problems that have "floated" through our not many happy, Balkan history. He is the author of valuable books, dozens of studies, scientific papers about the origin and history of the Serbs of Muslim faith.

Explaining the origin of today's Muslims in Serbia, Bosnia, Montenegro, Macedonia, Kosovo and Metohija, the question of their roots, pointing to the essence and nature of centuries of discord Serbs and Muslims, one nation of different faiths, at the beginning of the interview, he says:

"Today's Muslims, who are from the former Yugoslavia, as in most Slovene origin. It is scientifically undisputed, although there are those who would want ', it is a part of the Bosnian Muslims of Raska, they Bogomil origin. They do not know or not to know that bogumili only a Christian heresy, it can be said in Orthodoxy, not some special Bogomil nation. If a large part of the Bosnian Bogomils came from Raska, but they could be just Serbs. Bogomilism wants to prove an old specialty, individuality 'one time supposedly constituted Bosniak nation. He's trying to prove that there is some historical continuity. If the Serbian tribe was dominant in Raska, Zeta, Bosnia, Travunia, Zahumlje, Neretva, Usora, Soli and created the Serbian medieval state, which is the undisputed historical science, and that this would then be able to be the origin of local Moslems upon arrival Ottoman Turks, each of which will receive islam ?, says professor Selimovic.

He adds that the first accepted Islam Orthodox aristocratic families and merchants, craftsmen and herders hairs in mountainous areas where the operation of the Serbian Orthodox Church was weak.

"A significant number of Christians is Islamized through dev#1;irme (devshir-). Some parents have carved a cross on his forehead boys and im broke and cut his fingers on his right hand to save them from being taken to Istanbul and became" Turks "janissaries. Vuk Karadzic noted privileged position of those who were converted to Islam by the following sentence: "Unless you are a muslim rather than immediately have the same rights as the rest of the Turks, not only will not scold quo ante faith but will it even help each rather than a Turk born. "

In rural areas Islamization until the end of the 15th and mid-16th century was almost unknown except west of Pljevlja in the area of R03;R03;Bukovica. In rare cases, some Palanka and townshipes, Islamization has become massive character and the wave lasted until around 1540. Despite accepting the religion of conquerors ever domestic Muslims have not forgotten their mother tongue, in posh circles is always a pen in Cyrillic, which are often called bosančica , bey letter or Old Serbia, as they themselves call it. Latin and Serbian language were in use in the Turkish court, and Dubrovnik is in correspondence with the Turkish dignitaries, who were originally "our above list," used the Cyrillic alphabet and Serbian language since 1420 !, said Professor Selihović and adds that Sultan Mehmed Fatih spoke Greek and slovenian, Serbian fact.

And later, when there was a radical Islamization, yet they were saved and many Christian and even indigenous folk traditions and holidays such as Christmas, Savindan, St. George, St. Vitus, newlywed, says the historian cabanas.

"In the national calendar for Muslims, especially in rural areas, to the present day is used determinant of Christmas or before Christmas, on St. Vitus Day, at St. George's or Prokoplje (sv. Prokopije) will not work," adds Selimovic.

He added that Muslims are not our act of accepting Islam become Turks. They continue, no matter which social class belonged and which positions are, guarded native language, alphabet and many folk customs from the time when they were Christians, mostly Orthodox.

"From ethnic Turks are always different. It is not the Ottomans did not trust them, so the position of vizier, or chief of a grazing almost always in Bosanski pashaluk asked the Turks who were originally Anadolac, Albanians, Greeks, Bulgarians, Kurds, Hungarians, and ours are sent to the remote province of the vast Empire. the Turks underestimated and ridiculed the Muslims by calling them Bosniaks, which literally translates as empty-headed, stupid, stubborn. so, Muslims are not treated as real Turks, but they themselves are not in the soul felt that way. After the termination of Ottoman rule they find "not in heaven, not on earth." they felt insecure and retreated into themselves. Many are not able to understand and accept the historical reality. the large mass was completely non-national.

However, a number of Muslim intellectuals, merchants and nobility (age and bags) were aware of their Christian Serb origin and raised the issue of national awakening and Muslims returning to their ancestral roots! On the other hand, there is a lack of understanding of one part of Serbian intellectual and political elite of this process! This has left many Muslims sparked revolt, so from our proverbial spite wanted to be anybody, not just Serbs. Such circumstances our enemies are and how fit and to this end they carry out unscrupulous and very effective propaganda, highlights the historian Tit and adds:

"Serbian national corps lost a huge number of Muslims whose roots Serbian! Something similar happened with the Serbs Catholics. To finish with the famous, still unsurpassed mental Mesa Selimovic statement:" We are torn off, and we accepted. As a sleeve which is separated from the torrent the mother river, and there is no longer current, not its mouth, too small to be a lake, too large to be absorbed by the earth, "he says and points out:

"Muslims, who from 1993 declare themselves as Bosniaks, in Stara Raska and Bosnia-Herzegovina, were never able to be Turks, Iranians, Saudis. There is an enormous number of Muslims who have Serbian, Slovenian and surnames. Bosniakhood from the period of the Ottoman and Austro-Hungarian rule has promoted conqueror and occupier of their own interests. this is now the third time that our Muslims opt to Bosniaks. I do not deny the right to every person, including the Muslim national declare or not to declare how they want, and even as a Bosniak. the second is thing synthetic creation of a national collectivity. This must be observed scientifically based guidelines, "says Selihović in his interview with Seal.

To the end of his interview Professor Selihović added that Muslims can not be closer to the Turks, not Arabs, nor any other nation of the brothers and fellow Serbs.

"We should never forget that` That brat million of religion and bio` `When will brother to brother wants foreigners to gospodara`" concludes Professor Selihović

PROFESSOR MIDHAT RIĐANOVIĆ: Bosniakhood is the greatest evil that has ever hit the Bosnian Muslims!
Czech linguist says that adopting a national name Bosniak called fools of their ancestors, which implicitly say that they did not know their national name, because, except for the beginning of Ottoman rule, Bosnians were all residents of Bosnia, and that the Bosniak language phantom language

To follow up evidence ... that you do not need no history no doctrine more just common sense.
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