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Ramadan Prayer

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6/8/2016 2:32:44 PM
Posted: 3 years ago
well, Ramadan has arrived

I congratulate all Muslims of this Forum on the arrival of Ramadan and pray for their safety and happiness. i also congratulate all the non-Muslims of this site who are looking for the truth and seek true answers. the prayer bellow is one of the prayers that we're invited to say after mandatory prayer in this month and shows our view towards the world and other people :

O Allah , Instill Happiness in the Spirits of the Inhabitants of the Grave

O Allah , Enrich Every Indigent (Poor One)

O Allah , Satisfy Every Hungry Person

O Allah , Clothe Every Unclothed One

O Allah , Facilitate the Payment of Every Indebted One

O Allah , Relieve Every Deeply Anguished One

O Allah , Return Every Stranger

O Allah , Free Every Captive

O Allah , Reform Every Uneven Affair of the Muslims

O Allah , Cure Every Sick Person

O Allah , Fill Our Poverty With Your Needlessness

O Allah , Change Our Unpleasant State Into Your Beautiful State

O Allah , Facilitate the Payment of Our Debt And Make us Needless

Surely You Are All-Powerful Over Everything

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