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Sola Scriptura not followed by Protestants

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6/24/2016 1:14:24 AM
Posted: 3 years ago
So why don't Protestant follow this doctrine in all aspects of scripture? Why do they seem to condemn the importance of Catholic teachings and then follow those exact same teachings?

From The Catholic Mirror:
"...The teacher [of the Protestants, the Bible] demands emphatically in every page that the law of the Sabbath be observed every week...the disciples of that teacher have not once for over three hundred years observed the divine precept! That immense concourse of Biblical Christians, the Methodists, have declared that the Sabbath has never been abrogated. ... God's written word enjoins His worship to be observed on Saturday absolutely, repeatedly, and most emphatically... .
"...Proposing to follow the Bible only as teacher, yet before the world, the sole teacher is ignominiously thrust aside, and the teaching and practice of the Catholic Church---'the mother of abomination,' when it suits their purpose so to designate her---adopted, despite the most terrible threats pronounced by God Himself against those who disobey the command, 'Remember to keep holy the Sabbath.'
"Before closing this series of articles, we beg to call the attention of our readers once more to our caption, introductory of each: 1. The Christian Sabbath, the genuine offspring of the union of the Holy Spirit with the Catholic Church His spouse. 2. The claim of Protestantism to any part therein proved to be groundless, self-contradictory, and suicidal.
"The first proposition needs little proof. The Catholic Church for over one thousand years before the existence of a Protestant, by virtue of her divine mission, changed the day from Saturday to Sunday... .
"The Protestant world at its birth found the Christian Sabbath too strongly entrenched to run counter to its existence: it was therefore placed under the necessity of acquiescing in the arrangement, thus implying the Church's right to change the day, for over three hundred years. The Christian Sabbath is therefore to this day, the acknowledged offspring of the Catholic Church as spouse of the Holy Ghost, without a word of remonstrance from the Protestant world.
"Let us now, however, take a glance at our second proposition, with the Bible alone as the teacher and guide in faith and morals. This teacher [the Bible] most emphatically forbids any change in the day for paramount reasons.
"The command calls for a 'perpetual covenant,' The day commanded to be kept by the teacher has never once been kept, thereby developing an apostasy from an assumedly fixed principle, as self-contradictory, self-stultifying, and consequently as suicidal as it is within the power of language to express.
"Nor are the limits of demoralization yet reached. Far from it. Their pretense for leaving the bosom of the Catholic Church was for apostasy from the truth as taught in the written word.
"They adopted the written word as their sole teacher, which they had no sooner done than they abandoned it promptly, as these articles have abundantly proved; and by a perversity as willful as erroneous, they accept the teaching of the Catholic Church in direct opposition to the plain, unvaried, and constant teaching of their sole teacher in the most essential doctrine of their religion, thereby emphasizing the situation in what my be aptly designated 'a mockery, a delusion, and a snare.' "

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