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the socond birth and eternal happiness/pain

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9/8/2016 6:30:39 PM
Posted: 2 years ago
well I made this topic to talk a little about the second birth (aka death) of humans, and also the reason behind eternal pain or joy that's talked about in religious text.

as you all know, in this world, a baby can be born with a couple of different health conditions: s/he can be born strong and healthy, healthy, healthy and weak, sick, or disabled. there is also a possibility of miscarriage.

so if a baby comes to this world without having eyes or ears or hands or legs ... that baby would not be able to use the pleasures related to eyes, ears, ... and therefor the world will be painful for him/her. though a baby that has come to this world healthy and strong, can use those pleasures and be happy. so the same world, can be painful to some, and joyful to others.

in our religious text, we also have that there is only one reality in the afterlife. but the same reality can be hell for some, and heaven for others. though in the births in this world, a baby can't choose the health conditions with which s/he is born, and the responsibility is on the parents, but in this world, we can choose how to be born to our eternal life.

in our religious text, we have that this world is like a womb for the hereafter. and just as a healthy fetus in a womb that's changing and preparing with every passing second, if we want to enter our eternal life healthy and strong, we should also prepare ourselves for that world with every second of every day.

if the womb was the only place a fetus would ever be, s/he wouldn't need hands or legs or eyes or ears or mouth or digestive system ... but a healthy baby develops those for this world. the same goes for a person who's living in this world and is preparing him/her self for the other.

so, eternal pain is for those who haven't prepared themselves at all, and are born completely unprepared (disabled) for that world. and since this world is the only place that we can prepare ourselves for our eternal life, if we're completely unprepared when we die and pass to that world, we will always be in pain.

for other conditions (weakness, sickness, ... ), just like a sick or weak baby which is kept in hospital and can't join his parents or go to his/her home immediately, a person who leaves this world with a healthy but weak soul, or with different spiritual diseases, like anger, minor jealousy, ... that person will have to be cleansed from those darkness to finally be able to join his heavenly family. that's why some people will go through years of pain and suffering until they can finally be free of those illnesses and enter the ranks of pure people.

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