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My Journey Part Three

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10/22/2016 6:37:53 AM
Posted: 4 years ago
Although I haven't yet seen a post confirming God's intervention.....
.......I'm sure that it won't be long so today I decided to check out a local church.

I was greeted by a man in a long gown, (he was still buttoning it up in a hurry) who showed me in....there were hundreds of candles burning. There were two young boys, one had a peculiar limp and the other had the task of extinguishing the candles (since he was called the blow-job boy).

He was explaining that their church has a rich history of being charitable, they financed the building up of a country in Europe just before the second world war, very impressive.

They seem to be very humanitarian too, believing everyone should have big families, especially in poor countries and that even if someone is going to be a vegetable, he or she should be born.

It seems to be common with all churches and this was no exception either, regarding sex perverts (who go to the peculiar night clubs) being allowed into the church, like the last one I learnt about......

It was quite funny though, as I left the building there was one of those joke novelty vending machines in the entrance and it was selling "perforated condoms".

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