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The Pilgrimage

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10/24/2016 5:22:04 AM
Posted: 4 years ago
I'm still preparing to believe as soon as I get some evidence.........

....but yesterday I visited another local church.
The steeple looked like it had sustained damage from a big explosion since it had ballooned out, although the new paintwork looked nice, turquoise and gold.

A really jovial man greeted me and introduced his friends and, blow me down, they all had the identical same name....Moe Hammered!

He had a couple of young girls with him, obviously his daughters since he seemed to like playing around with them a lot. What impressed me was that he treats them like adults, since he calls each of them, wife.

Moe showed me out the back where all the other Moes were preparing for a big festival called a "Gee Hard". They were packing tons of fireworks into large boxes then putting them into a fleet of large trucks outside. It was looking like being one huge festival.

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