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Have You Heard The Latest?

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11/21/2016 1:07:18 PM
Posted: 4 years ago
Let's face it, religious followers have been completely snookered on their false belief.

The creation craze has gone quiet since evolution has completely toppled such an
ill-gotten idea, so, "let's try and be scientimtific and jump on the evolution bandwagon and say that God caused evolution".

After being trounced on that one too, the next logical delaying tactic is to invent the "intervention" theory, which has, of course, been laughed into oblivion due to the usual lack of evidence and overall vagueness of the concept.

"So, er, let's try this quantum stuff...that will keep them at bay for a long time since they might think we are really intelligent and won't dare question us".
Trouble is that quantum physics is still at odds with the real world let alone with a make-believe one, so it just hasn't worked at justifying godly beliefs.

So just when you would think religious die-hards were well and truly cornered, "hey presto, this will confuse them.......God is not religion and religion is nothing to do with God....they can't argue us on this one".

Is this a sign of desperation by theists by further driving a wedge between "us and all the other believers who don't belong to our in-crowd"?

Or, "you can't pick on us because we are right and don't belong to one of those common religions."

Give us a break, do theists really think that this sort of trend is going to anything other than to tell the world how completely elitist and self-indulgent they really are?

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