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3/13/2017 7:17:30 AM
Posted: 3 years ago
I would like to do sort of a debate on the possibility of a creator doing a 'show' to reveal itself and, sort of, if you think about it, fulfill a prophecy of 'saving us all' and 'judgement before the show' and 'riding in on a white horse to build paradise' -- that's what all religion.

Let us not say that it's not a religious thing, though. Let us say that the bible was just a child's story book for the older times and this new 'coming' is far above 'modern'.

I think it's possible, but I also think there are a huge amount of problems with it. For one, the only way for everyone else who died to return to earth is to be re-grown on earth - from the ocean. That causes a huge problem, right? I mean, are ALL people ready to handle seeing a dead friend or family member return to earth and sit on their couch in a re-grown body...the SAME body from 15 years ago...saying it's been 24 years for him, not 15....or only 5 years for him. not 15 year......???

And what about seeing the show? Brand new hot off the shelf high-tech organic TV screens delivered all over the globe looks to me as the only possibility unless God forces some to watch 'the show' on a 17 inch tv from 1982, and others to watch "the show" on a brand new 60 inch 4k.

I'm assuming the script says something about only starting with 3 or 4 channels in black and white before any hot crap....ok so the whole world watching a multi-language show on organic television technology (lil vein like wires in the 'chip' and everything) --- or, ok, fine, for the sake of debate, custom-produced 60 inch 4k - about 15 billion of them including the huge tv's installed in public....

OK I can see that vision...yeah I can see how that could bring people to their knees in a good way and make the show a big spectacular amazing fascinating beautiful good good good show....heck yeah... ok the trash and garbage, air, environment, ect. will all probably be scheduled...doubt it would move that fast and in just 7 hours use 75 billion organic mech's - not including the TRILLIONS and TRILLIONS of microscopic mini mechs that do the fine art work....too fast, right? What I mean is that psychologically, the environment change and all of that activity at once, that isn't 'good' to do it like that, right?

So many questions....what type of new housing? Free food, drinks, entertainment, and gifts? Or no? What type of new delivery systems and when...what channels and when is the flying car show bro. How about the roads will they be open the whole time or closed most of the time...the aids and assistance who signed up to be 'helpers' on the other side -- are they going to be having name tags and regular clothes or will they fly in organic cars with mini-organic-bots as assistance (like an ipad, but it moves and is smart) --- what about organic tech laws? how far does 'Syrie' and "Alexis' go on the other side -- I've heard of car doors having images of foresight because the app it uses can "plug into the Event System" and depending on how well you have it in, can "see future events the same way that God just uses the Event System and then measures your balls and how far YOU can see ahead. If you personally have good foresight, then so does the car -- and vice versa - because the chips cars use can grow new information from other car chips to make that car have features that can only be grown to exist - no way to get that type of energy in your car without it being a real grown energy from a real person in a real someone with good foresight could sell their car chip for a price depending on ball laws.

What does everyone think. Possible? Impossible? I don't mean WILL IT HAPPEN - I mean CAN it happen if it really did is there a way to navigate around all the errors and problems and how this how that - how to do it safe without trama or scary crap - how to go that slow and how to talk to the whole planet without bringing out flying TV's that probably horrify the tribes and children of the world.

I don't get honestly how its going to go smooth.

I don't think people will take well to seeing millions of peoples bodies (the dead) grown in the sea using organic tech and then hitting the streets in their t-shirts and name tags unless someone sends a messenger or something to announce the show first....and it would have to be a big big that people would only have like 7 days to get ready to see such a thing....that is not a lot of time to mentally prepare yourself....gonna be crazy if it happens....

how many huge spaceships can fit on earth? I'm guessing the parking zones are far out in space for the larger ships with 10+ rooms unless there is going to be more than 2.5 billion HUGE 'space-house-ship- with 10+ rooms...stores your bike, car, equipment, water gear, medical, everything.

People are going to be filled with questions as soon as it happens like "omg is this thing going to kill it god or not?....its too friendly something is wrong its creepy singing cartoons to my kid" and "how long am I going to live, now? what am I going to do for the next thousand years...ten thousand...hundred thousand years.....million.....ect..."

Is 'it' going to take our guns, drugs, ect or let us do what we want like always? ya know? and what about judgement day is that before the show starts or after the show starts....?

The Question:

Is it possible for a God to do a show without destroying humans in the process? What I mean is that such a thing as a "Fake alien invasion as a joke" wouldn't be funny, because of the long-term affects of the tragedy it would be for some, especially our young. Ok let me try to explain it possible to do a 'good' show and have a successful show without any conflicts on a psychological level. We would all need some miracle magic to be able to emotionally handle and comprehend such things as:

- Physically seeing a dead friend or family member again...knowing his body was re-grown in the ocean.

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