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Science and mathematics end in meaninglessnes

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7/12/2013 12:23:40 AM
Posted: 7 years ago
Science and mathematics end in meaninglessness

This scholar shows Science and mathematics end in meaninglessness

"As Bunch states:

"None of them [paradoxes] has been resolved by thinking the way mathematicians thought until the end of the nineteenth century. To get around them requires some reformulation of mathematics. Most reformulations except for axiomatic set theory, results in the loss of mathematical ideas and results that have proven to be extremely useful. Axiomatic set theory explicitly eliminates the known paradoxes, but cannot be shown to be consistent. Therefore, other paradoxes can occur at any time [i.E. The Skolem paradox]."B. Bunch, Mathematical Fallacies and Paradoxes, Dover, 1982, p.139

"Heisenberg notes that " the strangest experience of those years was that the paradoxes of quantum theory did not disappear during this process of clarification; on the contrary they have become even more marked and exciting." F. Selleri, Quantum Paradoxes and Physical Reality, Kluer Academic Publishers, 1990, p.V111.

"In regard to the paradoxes and contradictions of quantum theory Wick state the orthodox view when he says "here my opinion of the orthodox quantum mechanics, like Bohr, comes down to the meaning of words. "Classical" and "complementarity", insult and commendation, are euphemisms; the belief concealed is that Nature has been found in a contradiction. But quantum physicists are not simpletons. In their hearts they know such a claim is philosophically unacceptable and would be rejected in other sciences."
Wick notes " I believe orthodox quantum theorists [slates] reason, consciously or unconsciously, something like this. The microscopic world exhibits paradoxes or contradictions and this fact is reflected in the best theory describing it." A. Wick, The Infamous Boundary, Birkhauser, Berlin, 1995, p.184

""Dual pictures, dual language: linguistic analysis is the key to understand quantum mechanics Bohr told his prot"g"e Heisenberg shattering his hard won vision of the micro world. The very words physicists use to describe reality constrains their knowledge of it and scientists in every field will one day encounter this barrier to human understanding" A, Wick, The Infamous Boundary, Birkhauser Berlin, 1995, p.33.

" Zajak notes that "we are limited by our language to lists of words much as our worldly experiences limit the concepts those words bring to mind." With this in mind Zajak points out that we naively apply to the micro world concepts which only have applicability in the macro world. Electrons don"t behave like mini billiard balls and light does not behave like scaled down sea waves. As Zajak notes "particles and waves are macroscopic concepts which gradually lose their relevance as we approach the submicroscopic domain." H.Zajak,. Optics, Addison Wesly Publishing Company, New York., P. 450

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