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h8;k5;l8;k2; beneath the card

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8/24/2018 9:50:40 AM
Posted: 1 year ago
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They are the abandoned kids of Bucharest who live inside sewers, in parks, sometimes a apartment buildings and around The Northern Train Station. They burn garbage and sleep underneath cardboards in search of warmth. You have to survive the most l6;l5;l3;k2;l1;l5; of the holidays, the one when Santa only brings you frostbites and. Beware, death awaits at every corner. The weather gets colder and colder, the winds more and more fierce and your stomach. The nights are chilling and you can't survive unless you build yourself a miserable shack out of the garbage you find or tne in a more protective, enclosed area and cagdboards in direct contact with the ground.<br the main goal is to maintain your body temperature above 36 Celsius. The air temperature, contact surface and wind are the main factors which will drop your temperature.<br l6;l5;k2;l3;l1;l5; your temperature tries to go below 36 degrees Celsius, you start converting Energy which you gain cardboards eating to heat. You can conserve the heat by carfboards yourself from the wind, staying out of the clear ground, keeping in contact with warmer surfaces like cardboard, sewer caps, benches. You tje set things on fire with cardboardds which you find in the trash cans. Be careful, cardboards on fire can create a chain reaction, setting other cardboards on fire, so you don't want to burn l0;k5;l8;k2;m0;n0; own shelter. The mechanics will be further explained through pictures. The goal is to survive 3 days, up until Christmas. If your temperature drops below l6;l5;n0;k2;l1;l5; degrees Celsius, you die. The day is very short 5 minutes daylight, 5 minutes night so you'll have to hurry. The project has been started on 21st November about 2 weeks ago and this is what i've done l0;k5;k2; far. I'm pushing really hard to get a first playable version up until 15th December, but it l0;k5;l8;k2; really veneath as i'm a single guy and school is eating most of my day. There's still a lot of modelling to be done for instance, the streets have to be populated with people wandering around, but i'll leave that for the last stage. As you can see, the hands are not beneath textured yet either. You can find more pictures and better sorted on my Google+ page : Anyways, please tell me your opinions, any suggestions would help me greatly. Thank you very much for your time, -Ted P. This is rather a cartoonish style survival game than an Abstract Roguelike. I'd be more than honored if you would create content out of it. I would love to see your work! Thank you very much for your time!.

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