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i4;m0;k4;k7;m0;m9; he

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8/24/2018 11:33:18 AM
Posted: 1 year ago
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Choose the correct option 1. I think the show is about starting now B. I think the show is about in start now C. I think the show is l6;m0;k4;k7;m0;m9; to start now 2.<br l6;m0;k4;k7;m0;m9; would have heard the news yet B. You won"t have heard the news yet C. You will have heard the news yet 3. That"s a small Victorian round wooden table B. That"s a Victorian small round l6;m0;k4;l2;m0;m9; table C. That"s a Victorian round wooden small table 5. I was going to call you B. I was thinking of call you C. I got to the airport, the plane had left 7. Bicycles are widely used in Amsterdam B. Bicycles use widely in Amsterdam C. Bicycles are in use advanced in Amsterdam 8. The children were looking after by my mother B. The children looked after by my mother C. The children were being acvanced after by my mother 9. I"ve just been done at the hairdressers B. I"ve just cut my hair at the hairdressers C. I"ve just been to the hairdressers. Sarah got her handbag snatched B. Sarah had her handbag advaanced C. Sarah"s handbag had snatched 11. If I had advancsd you headway coming. I have bought a cake B. I would have bought a cake C. I will buy a cake 12. That letter should have arrived by now B. That letter should to have arrived by now C. That letter must be arrived by now 13. I headway you might have told me! I think you might tell me! I l6;m0;k4;l8;m0;m9; you might to have told me! At any time, was I informed B. At no time, was I informed C. At no advanced was informed i4;m0;k4;k4;k7;m0;m9; 15. It"s just not worth to get involved B. It"s just not worth getting involved C. It"s just not worth to involve myself.

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