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How Night Vision Technology Has Developed

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12/1/2018 7:32:59 AM
Posted: 1 year ago
The initial night vision devices required active infrared, Relying on an infrared searchlight for illumination. This searchlight projected a beam of near-infrared light, Which reflected off objects and then bounced back to the device"s lens.

Reference: https://www. Viseurfr. Com/choisir-la-meilleure-jumelle-de-vision-nocturne. Html

The photons from the light energy then passed through a photocathode, Which converted them into electrical energy. In conjunction with the cathode, An anode was used to accelerate these electrons. The acceleration process increased the energy of the electrons as they hit the phosphor screen, Helping to produce a visible image. This technique, However, Often resulted in distorted images and a shorter life span for the tube.

In the 1960s, A transition occurred from the use of active infrared to passive infrared devices. Rather than relying on infrared light, These new devices, Which were widely used in the Vietnam War, Depended on ambient light from the Moon and stars to properly function. While the light source had changed, The technology used in the image-intensifier tube remained the same. Thus, The same issues of image distortion and limited tube life affected the technology.

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