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What would happen.

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3/21/2016 11:30:04 PM
Posted: 3 years ago
Okay, this is for scientific research: You have a metal tube or pipe with one end closed. This pipe would need to be a bit aerodynamic as it has to fall straight, no variation in downward trajectory...You work it out, I ain't a scientist.

I will give some measurements just for fun. The pipe or tube is 1m. in length, it is 75mm inside dia. and has a wall thickness of 1.5mm. The metal is steel. YOu can determine the weight if is is of value.

You take this pipe or tube to 14,000 feet, place a table tennis ball 40mm and 2.75g
inside the pipe or tube, ensuring that the TT ball is at rest on the bottom of the Pipe or tube which is the enclosed end.

You drop this combination of TT ball, pipe or tube from however you got to 14,000 feet. and here is the great scientific question:

Considering there is no atmospheric disturbance on the downward fall of the Pipe or tube and TT ball, will the TT ball stay in the Tube or Pipe, or simply, what will happen to the combination as described?

My answer is: Dunno!