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the clitoris moves authentic fem testimonies

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5/17/2018 10:31:59 AM
Posted: 2 years ago
were both seminar kids meaning overflowing IQ's and i thought it would be interesting for people to know what that conversation looks like, to read it scroll to the bottom of my website

its not penis envy, its misplaced anal envy aka repulsion, she starts out with lesistence but eventually just wants to watch the clitoris move like everyone and that can eventually blossum into heterosexuality which takes time and practice but helps to know how, its a long convo but theres completely new concepts towards the end, im attempting to show what you can expect when telling girls, its like having the big talk with adults so must try to be objective but dont beat around the bush, girls want to know that you know whats even happening

its not about anything but pleasure, which varies physically for people but the spin of a neurons photon can only land in so many orientations after realizing the clitoris moves, girls should watch their own clitoris move which is really only biologically possible heterosexually, girls arent hugely into strapons otherwise theyd know the clitoris moves so its a figure of debate

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