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Meaning of words in a public residential area

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8/20/2012 7:01:54 PM
Posted: 6 years ago
I am interested in feed back on a situation that has occurred recently, not interested in arguments for or against as that goes on and on - just one of the answers below.

The situation - A mixed race/religion etc. sub division 500 homes. One block holds a block party (roughly 60 homes), gets the necessary permits etc. and then has the block party with a DJ from 1-9 PM on a Saturday. The hired DJ announces music will start and there are only two rules - No music with swearing and No Gangsta Rap. This block party does not follow the mandate 200 feet for the amplified speakers, so the speakers voice carries over 1500 feet in every direction, this block is essentially in the middle of the subdivision so almost all homeowners get to hear the DJ, music etc. This same comment minus the no swearing was made throughout the evening at least 4 times - no other restrictions other then NO swearing and gangsta rap was heard.

I am not typing the infliction or my opinion on the matter other that what you can read - which answer below would you choose to answer of this situation.

1. No issue
2. Restriction of a specific type of music is fine if all of the attendees for the block party had agreed.
3. Have an issue with the restrictions and would voice a complaint.
4. Believe this is racially motivated.
5. Believe it is inappropriate at best, racially angled at worst - Freedom of Speech covers this.

I know this is a limited offering on the response, but I am not looking for a huge debate or argument, just what would you feel if you were an attendee or one of the non-attendees that heard this.