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In the imagination of fools,Whites Die.

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11/26/2012 5:02:18 PM
Posted: 6 years ago
You remember Omar Thornton. He was that Black guy in Manchester, CT who two years ago was caught stealing beer from his employer. Why he was stealing it is a mystery. There had been no hurricane to spark a looting spree, and beer distributorships typically give excellent employee discounts. Perhaps he was just engaging in a little self-serve reparations. Who knows? Anyhow, his employer gave him a generous option " either resign, or be fired. Omar chose to resign. He signed the paperwork, and started to leave. On his way out, he opened his lunchbox, where he had stashed a brace of handguns. Why he felt the need to go to work with a lunchbox full of 9mm Rugers is, again, a mystery. He pulled out the pistols and opened fire on a group of about 40 people. A few seconds later, eight European-Americas lay dead, and two others were wounded. Omar then made two phone calls, one to his mother, and one to the police. To the police, he proudly declared, "I just shot me some racists." By the time the police arrived, Omar had killed himself.
During the investigation and the news coverage, Omar"s family claimed that he frequently complained of workplace racial discrimination against him, and his White girlfriend said that he had taken cell phone pictures of a restroom wall upon which someone had drawn a noose and written a racial epithet. Well, as far as the MSM is concerned, if you can"t believe the word of a Black guy who had stolen a bunch of beer and murdered eight White people, then you can"t believe anyone. So, despite the absence of even the minutest particle of evidence to support the racism claims of Omar and his family, and despite the inexistence of the noose and n-word pictures, the MSM waved its collective hand like a Jedi and said, "Omar killed Racist White people. They deserved it." To which millions of Blacks and a sickening number of White people responded by repeating, "Omar killed Racist White people. They deserved it."

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