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Why do people need to post photos?

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7/21/2018 2:28:23 PM
Posted: 1 year ago
The situation is absurd. I'm 16 and I really don't know why people need to post photos on social networks, for example Instagram. I've noticed that most of Instagram users are girls. In my class each girl has an instagram account. But why do they use it? They only want to appear, to show off, to feel gratified by the likes. I'm not saying that girls are stupid, at all. In fact the problem is for boys too and my thoughts are the same. Another strange aspect are the Instagram stories. Why do you need to make see what you're doing? People use instagram only to show off, to say : "Hey, see my life, it's awesome, I'm beautiful, I have thousands of friends". The fact is that even very intelligent girls use instagram and often post pictures. Furthermore Instagram users usually add a description of the photo, a sentence taken from writers, philosophers and so on. It makes no sense! Where is our world going? Why do they need likes? Is it a drug? Why do they want attention for their aspect? Above all, why do they start posting this stuff? The worrying part is that they sometimes post inappropriate photos. Are you serious? It's like saying : "Here is my body. Enjoy it".

Really, they are all obsessed. Some time ago I read a comment on Youtube which describes perfectly social networks. "Girls want to show off, boys want to see them". Of course, I'm generalizing, but this is the situation in my class (and in my school, 1000 students). So I'd like to receive answers above all from people who usually post photos, stories and so on. Thanks for reading,

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