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Capital punishment for Rapist

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7/10/2013 7:01:55 AM
Posted: 7 years ago
In India we faced lot of insecurity,men and women face this type of problem because of lack of law and order.Law maker only break the laws and law regulator like cops support the culprits.In this type of scenic where the hell you expect the justice from judiciary.But keeping quite is also not possible.We have to voice against the government and make it amend in the laws.people should to come street and should make protest.People came to street after this instance in Delhi,India.When I heard story of Nirbhay(Times of India gives name to rape victim) I felt tear in my eyes and not stooped even though I tried to stop it.Young women wanted doctor and wanted to build hospital in her village.What was her fault she just gone to shopping with her boy friend is that her mistake.she took lift in the cab is that mistake.Five non -human heated men who raped brutally nirbaya and beat his boyfriend and sexually abused her and her boy friend ,later they torn the dress of her made naked raped one bye one after they satisfied they inserted glass,bottle,iron rod in nirbays vagina. How that women resisted humiliating and brutal attack .After that they threw in the roadster, 2 hours both fell naked in the road up to 9.0 am without dress. nobody even tried cover their body.Afterwords they admitted to hospital.She went major treatment. To make her cure She sent abroad for treatment but she died on that hospital.How their parent resisted this shock.After raising the girl and waiting for her to become to doctor if her daughter died brutely means how parents can live in this world.At this time whole nation made protest against government to make new law for rapist and urge for capital punishment.In gulf countries who raped girl get serious punishment like cutting penis in public, hanging in public etc.But why in India still we rescuing the culprit instead of punishing them.We should make proper law in the nation not only in India throughout the world women should have freedom and liberty to walk in midnight without any fear to make this government should make strong laws and strict rules .So that every person has to think before doing any crimes.

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