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FFRF stupidity & Radical Atheiesm

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7/24/2013 10:11:27 PM
Posted: 7 years ago
FFRF= Freedom From Religion Foundation.
Apparently, FFRF doesn't understand (/appreciate) the difference between race, religion, and culture. FFRF is now protesting the use of a star of David being used for a holocaust memorial because it's a "religious symbol".

Here's the FFRF in their own weekly stupidesque words:

"To align the State of Ohio with one religion and its sacred symbol - even a minority religion for a worthy memorial - would dishonor the truest protection our country has against a similar Holocaust on our shores: the precious constitutional principle separating religion from government. Had there been a separation between religion and state honored and enforced in Germany, ensuring the government could not favor the dominant religion and persecute and scapegoat minority religions and other 'dissidents,' there would not have been a Holocaust."

1) The hysteria is mind blowing. It's quite a wild exaggeration to say that using the star of David for a holocaust memorial is "Aligning the State of Ohio with one religion and its sacred symbol" & "dishonors the truest protection our country has against a similar Holocaust on our shores".
This is real weekly win material.

2) Separation of church and state had nothing to do with the Hitlers campaign to kill all Jews. It was clearly a war on race rather than religion, as is evidenced by the fact that it included Jewish converts to Christianity as well as people who had just 1 Jewish grandparent.

3) Calling the star of David an "overtly religious symbol" is just plain ignorance. There is no mention of the star of David in any of the classic Jewish religious texts (the entire Bible and Talmud). In fact, according to what I've read, some ultra Orthodox Jewish groups reject the use of the Jewish Star of David because of its association with magic. It's a purely cultural symbol which the Nazis forced all people that they considered to be of the Jewish race (anyone who had at least 1 Jewish grandparent) to wear so that they'd be clearly & easily distinguishable.

The ACLJ has begun a petition to counter this objection of the FFRF.

In my opinion, the FFRF has gone way overboard in their frenzied fight against religion, protesting anything that could be associated with religion. (Either that, or it's a stupid anti-Semite trying to disassociate the Jewish connection to the holocaust.)
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