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Armenian genocide - pain in the neck

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9/4/2013 9:33:20 AM
Posted: 7 years ago
Really will they ever calm down? Funny that Turks haven't retaliated THEIR account of crimes committed by Armenians in Turkey just in 1915-1917.
Meanwhile those warm and fuzzy Armenians committed genocide of Turkish population in the city of Van in eastern Anatolia in February 1915. There Muslims and Armenians lived together for centuries in peace. By the way Armenians' life and education was much better than that of the Muslims. Many of them were educated in Europe and didn't want to live under the reign of backward Muslims.Also members of Armenian nationalist party Dashnag considered eastern Anatolya Armenian land and wanted to separate it from Turkey. It was a good opportunity while Turkey was bleeding during the First World War. So up to the spring of 1915 there were big groups of well-armed revolutionary Armenians gathered for committing massacre in towns and villages all over eastern Anatolia. During 1915 and 1916 they acted as guerilla of Russian army, blowing up bridges and occupying Turkish provinces. No wonder that Turkish government decided to take all Armenians out of eastern Anatolia.
Now Armenian Diasporas fattening in Europe and USA are striving to cover those crimes against Turkish People which lost 250,000 of its sons just in "anakkale during this Armenian outrage. They play with figures and demand 'historical justice' (and money) and try hard to debit an account on the huge number of victims of Armenian genocide committed in response of mass massacre of Turks. By such actions they just disgrace themselves and bring shame upon the names of all victims of that confrontation in Turkey.

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