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h3;k6;k9; fly high 3 activity boo

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8/23/2018 6:24:29 PM
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i3;l6;k4;m9;l1; m1;m5;k7;k3;l5;l0;l2; k2;l5;k5;l3;l0;l1;l9;l2;l6;k5;l6; Fly High - l0;l4;k7;l5;l5;l6; m0;l6;, m5;m0;l6; k4;k2;l4; l5;m1;k8;l5;l6;! i4;l5; m1;k6;l6;k3;k7;l5; k6;l3;n3; m1;m5;l0;m0;k7;l3;k7;l1; l0; k4; l7;l6;l3;l5;l6;l1; l4;k7;l8;k7; m1;m5;l0;m0;m9;k4;k2;k7;m0; l7;l6;m0;l8;k7;k3;l5;l6;l9;m0;l0; l4;l3;k2;k6;m6;l0;m3; m6;l2;l6;l3;n0;l5;l0;l2;l6;k4;. i3;k2; l6;m0;l9;k7;m0;m9; l9;m0;l8;k2;l5;l0;m4;k2;m3; k6;k7;m0;k7;l1; k8;k6;m1;m0; k4;k7;l9;k7;l3;m9;k7; l0;l9;m0;l6;l8;l0;l0; l6; k8;l0;k4;l6;m0;l5;m9;m3;, l7;k7;l9;l5;l0;, m1;k4;l3;k7;l2;k2;m0;k7;l3;n0;l5;m9;k7; l0;k5;l8;m9;. h2;l9;k7; n1;m0;l6; k6;k7;l3;k2;k7;m0; k9;k2;l5;n3;m0;l0;n3; achivity l5;k7;l6;k3;m9;m5;k2;l1;l5;l6; k9;k2;m3;k4;k2;m0;m9;k4;k2;n2;m7;l0;l4;l0; activiity l7;l8;l6;k3;m1;k8;k6;k2;k7;m0; l0;l5;m0;k7;l8;k7;l9; l2; k2;l2;m0;l0;k4;l5;l6;l4;m1; l6;k3;m7;k7;l5;l0;n2; l5;k2; k2;l5;k5;l3;l0;l1;l9;l2;l6;l4; n3;k9;m9;l2;k7;. Fly High is a motivating four-level course for young learners that integrates reading, grammar, writing, listening, and speaking skills in a fun and engaging way. Language is presented in humorous cartoon stories and follows the adventures of the Fly High characters. Fly High offers an enjoyable introduction to English for children starting at the beginning of the school system. It aims to develop a positive attitude to English through motivating activities, songs and chants. Key vocabulary and structures are presented in humorous cartoon stories, featuring the Fly High characters, and regularly recycled. The alphabet is introduced after the first semester, and active reading and writing skills are developed gradually to build children's confidence. The Activity Book provides plentiful practice to consolidate children's learning, including activities to practice motor skills, handwriting, word and phrase recognition, tracing, copying and writing. i4;k9;l5;k2;l2;l6;l4;n0;m0;k7;l9;n0;, l7;l6;k8;k2;l3;m1;l1;l9;m0;k2;, l9; i0; l9;l6;k8;k2;l3;k7;l5;l0;n2;, l9;l9;m9;l3;l2;l0; l5;k2; l9;l2;k2;m5;l0;k4;k2;l5;l0;k7; k6;k2;l5;l5;l6;k5;l6; l4;k2;m0;k7;l8;l0;k2;l3;k2; k3;m1;k6;m1;m0; m1;k6;k2;l3;n3;m0;n0;l9;n3; k4; l9;k4;n3;k9;l0; m0;l8;k7;k3;l6;k4;k2;l5;l0;n3;l4;l0; l7;l8;k2;k4;l6;l6;k3;l3;k2;k6;k2;m0;k7;l3;k7;l1;.<br l6;m0;k4;k7;m0;m0;m9; l3;k2;l1;l2;l0;, l8;k2;l9;l9;l2;k2;k9;m9;k4;k2;l1;m0;k7; k6;l8;m1;k9;n0;n3;l4;, l0;m7;l0;m0;k7; l5;k2;l9; k4; l9;k7;m0;n3;m3;: Like and Repost, please. Find Me in Social Networks:.

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