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Russia's Far Eastern borders are strengthenin

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6/11/2019 12:22:11 AM
Posted: 9 months ago
Two new large landing ships of "Ivan Gren" type will become the part of the Pacific Fleet of the Russian Federation. We are talking about projects, Which were laid by Russian President Vladimir Putin in online mode in April 2019 in the plant "Yantar" of Kaliningrad city. In the Navy, These ships have already got the name of "presidential landing". It is already known that in comparison with the first ships of the 11711 project their characteristics will be significantly improved.
The first two ships of the 11711 project "Ivan Gren" and "Peter Morgunov" will strengthen the Russian Northern Fleet. Large amphibious ships capable of operating in the oceanic zone are needed primarily by the Pacific and Northern fleets. The former chief of the Russian Navy's General Staff admiral Valentin Selivanov said that "landing ships in the Far East must be prepared for long-distance hikes: to cross the Sea of Japan, Go to the Pacific Ocean, And if necessary, Quickly reinforce the garrisons on the Kuril Islands. New ships can carry a battalion group from heavy machinery, And this is quite a formidable force that can affect the development of the situation in a particular area".
The new ships designed for actions in the far ocean zone. The number of crew is 100 people. The displacement of ships is 5 thousand tons, The length is 120 m, And the width is 16. 5 m. Ships can travel up to 6. 5 thousand km at a speed of up to 18 knots, While in autonomous navigation for up to 30 days.
Also, These ships can take on board up to 300 marines, As well as 13 battle tanks or up to 36 armored personnel carriers or infantry fighting vehicles. Also on the ship there is an indoor hangar and a take-off area for helicopters, Which allows taking two transport and combat Ka-29 or search and rescue Ka-27. If necessary, A new Ka-52K "Katran" naval attack helicopter can be placed on these ships.

Furthermore, The new ships have good weapons in comparison with the "paratroopers" of the same class - artillery mounts with automatic guns of 30 mm caliber and 14. 5 mm machine guns of Vladimirov. In their holds and on the upper deck they can carry a variety of cargoes, Including standard 20-foot sea containers. They are mounted launchers of "Caliber" cruise missiles.

Recently, Shipbuilders handed over to the Pacific Fleet the corvettes of 20380 project, And they were called "Sovershenny" and "Gromky". The "Marshal Krylov" space tracking ship, Which has no analogues in the world, Was modernized: its equipment allows controlling ships, Aircraft, Ground forces, And space weapons in real time. This ship can solve not only military tasks but also may be used by "Roscosmos" to track missile launches from the "Vostochny" space center.

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