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Crowdfunding while crowd still paying price..

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6/17/2018 6:44:24 PM
Posted: 2 years ago

so if anyone ever gone to gamejojo, kickstarter,musicalchair etc then you probably bumped into a few idea here and there. be it a awesome game development, oncoming indie movie,musical alubum, wifi enable shoes or anything in between, they usually call on the public to fund them.

even though most of the time those so called crowdsourced invention are still treated as if they are properitary products which allow the person to have exclusive ownership over it. they fund all the means to create it,pay the people working on them. and in return the inventor usually just give you give free sample of the product, but ultimetly is A) not free accessible to the public B) stiffle any say on your share of the profit . so my question is why?

my point is open source project are falling like flies due to budget contriants and then we these people wishing to make a profit off public donation when they should've been using there own money or better yet find angel invester that would have a say in the business model.

what is your opinion about the subject?

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