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Religion, Politics and Moral behaviour.

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6/30/2016 8:44:40 AM
Posted: 3 years ago
Right at the beginning I would like to establish that this is my opinion based on vast and long learning of morals and human behavior. I would ask your respect in answering the subject matter an not my personal right to claim I am educated in the subject.

The Question: Does religion or politics have the right to determine the morals of mankind?

If you are an atheist, one would consider that you do not think religion has a part in the morality of man. You would also ask 'what morals are you talking about'.

For the sake of discussion let's put up a set of morals that man uses today, in various interpretations, to say "we are a moral society." Can we do that?

Once we establish the actual 'usage morals', let's us determine if religion or governments should adjudicate those standards, and why?

We may say that the world has different morals for each nation or class of people, but the question still remains, "Who has the right to adjudicate those morals, religion or government"

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