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Sexual Addiction, The Doctors episode:

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11/5/2016 2:52:10 PM
Posted: 4 years ago
This post is following my visceral reaction while watching The Doctors episode discussing "sexual addiction," on November 4th, 2016. During it, sexual addiction was called a "national epidemic," by Dr. Travis Stork. Dr. Stork is correct about the prevalence of diagnoses. But, doctors are wrong about the prevalence of occurring instances. In other words, they are over diagnosing the condition. To help their side, though, when someone comes to a doctor with a concern, the "tools" in the doctors "toolcase" are medicines and diagnoses, among other things. So, I don't rebuke them too harshly for responding so frequently with the "tools" they have, especially when their goal is to help others. But, I do think there needs to be a better understanding of sexual desire, in general, nationally, before the diagnoses will better match the occurrences. To that end, I'll say that frequency alone is not a proper indicator of sexual addiction. So long as you are a healthy male, with functioning testes, your body will involuntarily accumulate and produce sperm and testosterone. It makes no difference if he is thinking about sex or not. The proper pursuit, when those quantities reach a motivating level, is sexual release, whereupon, of course, the desire to pursue sex is reduced. So, the frequency of responding to this natural cycle is not the proper indicator of addiction. Conflict with normal functioning is a better indicator. But, this process will intervene with normal affairs anyway. The issue, rather, is whether one's response is governed enough so that normal functioning can coincide with this intervening cycle.

Religion hasn't aided peoples' belief that they are sexually deviant. Religion has convinced people that perusing porn is a sin. Here[1] is a recent article about Josh and Anna Duggar, who may become divorced. In it, Josh expresses his belief that he ought not watch porn so often. I've already explained that the frequency of responding to this natural cycle is not the right indicator of addiction; sexual pursuit is a proper response to this cycle -- not an improper one. Religions have convinced people that any sexual pursuit, aside from intercourse in marriage, is wrong, sadly. And, such a religious notion has had wide-reaching, generational, influences. But, so long as Josh is a man and Anna is a woman, they will not have comparable libidos. She should have natural ranges of testosterone between 15 and 70 nanograms per deciliter of blood.[2] And, he should have natural ranges among 270 and 1070 nanograms per deciliter of blood.[2] The influences of testosterone are well researched and understood by the scientific community. So, that concludes my ventilation. I look forward to you all's thoughtful replies.


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