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Sports Data Provider Suggestion

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9/27/2018 2:41:49 PM
Posted: 1 year ago
Hey guys,

I'm searching for free sports data api or sports data widgets for a website that is gonna be starter level. I did my research and found some options but I need more alternatives.

Some providers like Opta or Sportradar offers a lot as sports widgets but they give no clue about pricing options. I can't calculate a budget and they all look like they are designed for big companies.

I've managed to find only one provider with clear prices and a free trial option;

www. Broadage. Com

They have lots of widgets like livescore or matchcenter, The widgets look fine and need little effort to create a sports page.

I'm about to create an account to try sports data of Broadage. What do you think about it? Any comments?

Do you know any other provider like Broadage to try widgets or use sports data?


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