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Sachin Tendulkar speaks about MS Dhoni"s perf

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1/17/2019 8:06:19 AM
Posted: 1 year ago
Asked about Dhoni"s contribution in the series-equalising win at Adelaide Oval, Tendulkar said: "I thought yesterday"s contribution was outstanding. In the first match, I felt he was a little rusty. He couldn"t to hit the ball where he wanted to. That can happen to anyone. However, He walked out in the second match thinking differently. From ball one, He looked a different player. He is someone who likes to take his time, Play a few dot balls, Understand the bowling and take the game till the end. Moreover, That is what he did. "
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5/16/2020 4:43:29 AM
Posted: 6 months ago
Yes, Tendulkar said right about the Dhoni. He is the only player who loves to play a few dot ball.

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