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Dear Cam Newton...

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2/11/2016 9:46:45 PM
Posted: 3 years ago
It's a bit late here, but I can't get this off my mind and need to say it to here it goes.

Dear Cam Newton;

People don't hate you or look at you differently because you're a black QB in the NFL; contrary to what you feel in your little "Cam Universe", there have been many black QB's in the league before you and currently are a number still today.

The reason people wish you would go dig a ditch and forget a ladder is because you're a selfish, self-centered, egotistic, narcissistic, spineless, whiny child; inside of a super athlete's body. You're a waste of talent, potential, height, and muscular structure.

You acted like an arrogant A-Hole all year, every time you won, then came the Super Bowl. You see a person's character and true colors during hard times and losses, not while everything is great and they're winning; let's see your true colors:

1) You start by wearing gold MVP cleats to warm ups, showing off, bragging, essentially saying it's all about you and forgetting about the team around you that got you that award.

2) Then in the most important part of the game, the last few minutes, you fumble the ball....then jump away like you just saw a big ol spider.

3) Then you roll around on the field like a 12 year old child that just got beat.

4) Then at the press conference after the game, you sit at the table pouting like the same little 12 year old child for a couple minutes, not saying word; then you get up and stomp your way stage right and hide.

I understand you just lost the biggest game in your football career, and may not ever have the chance to redeem yourself again; but while you were doing all these things, making the day all about you and your childish antics, the rest of your team took the loss as they should have...respectful, mature, wealthy, privileged, responsible adults.

My final two thoughts are this:

1) You want respect...earn it. Not just by winning with dignity and acting as though you've won a game before, but also by losing with dignity and honor.

2) On your overall Super Bowl performance....great job pooping....the bed.