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What is your perfect format for the draft

11/7/2016 4:09:03 AM
Posted: 4 years ago
Since the NFL has a a salary cap, one could argue that parity can be preserved without punishing those who win during the season with bad draft picks (and don't go bringing up the browns on me, they would suck no matter what We did for them). Is there a better method for allotting draft picks which doesn't punish success and also doesn't rely on luck? I believe luck is the enemy of a truly good game, which should always be minimized whenever possible so that skill can be the sole determinant of victory.

What if we simply had teams bid their remaning cap space on players coming out of college? Players could be ranked by prospective talent and then teams could participate in an auction. The "number one pick" would become who happened to draw the biggest bid, and wouldn't have to depend on a single team determining it every year. This would eliminate luck and stop punishing teams for winning (who's to say teams don't do it on purpose? The Colts mysteriously tanked the season when Andrew Luck was going to be the guaranteed first pick!). We shouldn't incentivize teams to lose.
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11/8/2016 7:58:20 PM
Posted: 4 years ago
At 11/7/2016 4:09:03 AM, R0b1Billion wrote:

While I agree with your reasoning, I don't think it's fair either to give chance to the best teams (i.e. Pats) for top picks. Imagine if the Pats had picked up Ezekiel Elliott. While you don't want to incentivize losing, you also don't want to risk stacking a team.
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