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Ways to Change WordPress Admin Login URL

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2/22/2019 7:44:51 AM
Posted: 1 year ago
We have various ways on how to secure login to improve web security. One way is to change admin login for WordPress. This prevents attacks like brute force where hackers attempt various permutations and combinations of usernames or passwords to access your WordPress blog. WPS Hide Login Plugin is a tool used to change WordPress admin login. Once installed, The plugin makes the login page hard to discover. Another way of Increase WordPress security is to enhance branding by changing WP Login and registration. This is best for multiple-author blogs where there are multiple users. IThemes Security is suitable for this task. You can also use the Custom Login URL plugin to rename WordPress admin login, Registration, And other pages. Another way on how to secure login is ensuring that you download plugins from known sources. Lastly, Have multiple backups for easy retrieval of data.

https://www. Namanmodi. Com/how-to-change-wordpress-admin-to-login-url-for-improved-security/

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