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Create Immersive Articles with this plugin

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3/13/2019 6:53:20 AM
Posted: 10 months ago
Snowball plugin is powered by WordPress since WordPress users represent a target audience and it powers over 20% of the entire web. It is used by CNN, TechCrunch, And various institutions. Snowball plugin for WordPress is a powerful plugin that makes it easy for bloggers to create modern, Immersive articles as seen by world-class news organizations. This plugin empowers people from all sorts of background to express and create or tell their stories online. The tool works by creating a post, And then when a visitor lands on the post, It creates several more. This means that snowball gets bigger and bigger until it reaches its max level. Using this technique makes a complete natural posting schedule which is combined with unique content and links that visitors can monetize. Snowball has a live preview feature with a tight feedback loop that encourages playful experimentation and learning, Which is no0t offered by the WordPress default.
https://bit. Ly/2J8tqMo

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