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How do I activate QuickBooks accounting?

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3/28/2019 9:35:09 AM
Posted: 11 months ago
QuickBooks is a helpful accounting software that you can use to grow your business and oversee your finances. You can follow the steps give below to activate QuickBooks on your account:
"Step 1: Open QuickBooks and press F2.
"Step 2: Check the registration status beside the License number.
"Step 3: If the product says "Not Activated" press "Ok" and close the window
"Step 4: Navigate to the "Help" menus and click "Activate QuickBooks".
"Step 5: Follow the prompts and verify your business and account information
If you get stuck at any of the above steps and if you need any additional help you can always call the Quickbooks Support Phone Number and speak to a QuickBooks expert.
For More Information regarding This:-
https://www. Qbaccounting-support. Com/quickbooks-customer-support/

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