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IMAP to office 365 conversion

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4/24/2019 12:20:40 PM
Posted: 10 months ago
To migrate emails from an IMAP server, You can use a third party tool like this IMAP to office365 converter tool. There are several different option for migrating IMAP to office 365, Including third party solution but in this article i want to outline this brilliant IMAP to office365 converter tool which can efficiently convert all imap to office365 without any technical skill. With this tool, You simply have to enter basic details on the source and details of Office 365 in destination part. All the folders will be loaded automatically in the source IMAP to Office 365. It is compatible with all the leading IMAP enabled or compliant email servers like Zoho, Gmail, AOL, Yahoo, Amazon AWS WorkMail and others. All users both technical and non technical can easily access this tool without any technical skill because no technical skill required for this tool infact basic computer knowledge is enough for this tool. You should try this tool without any technical skill.

Available at:- http://www. Filesrecoverytools. Com/export-imap-to-office365. Html

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