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Do you know Fundamentals of Marketing Design

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5/23/2019 3:45:15 PM
Posted: 9 months ago
Marketing is not such a difficult science, If you think about it. Yes, There are days when you have to learn and see something new. But mostly quite the same everyday life. "

Do you know the key fundamentals of marketing?
When it comes to real practice, There are only a few really important things that you follow. Save these moments and key factors in your memory and apply them, Successfully solving marketing tasks.

On the other hand, These factors cannot be ignored, Otherwise our steps in the business will fail, Or we will start to make marketing mistakes, And in the end, Again a collapse.

I'm not saying that marketing should become a boring and monotonous routine. Not at all, The more diverse our marketing, The more money the company receives. Something works, Something does not, But the result is one - steady growth in sales.

But back to the canons and the basics of marketing.

Surprise me. This is the first point from the basics of marketing. We have to do something that will surprise our customers. And it will not just surprise, But will force it, And talk about it (remember the article about brand ambassadors? ). That is what this is about. What do I mean by these words? Actually surprising is easy. Below is a list of simple steps:

Do more than what is expected of you. Gifts, Discounts, Thanks - all of this category. The customer ordered a product - give a gift, Deliver it today, Pack it beautifully. Do a little more than what is expected of you.
Do more than you promise. If you promise something, You need to do it anyway, But to do more than you promise is already an art and it is already good marketing. He promised to deliver the goods, Deliver with him, For example, Instructions with the most likely problems and ways to solve them. He promised one book, Deliver the second one from the same series. And so on. Examples, Hundreds. Many companies are already working.
Do it quickly. Does the client have a problem you can solve? So solve it quickly. Even faster. We live in the age of technology, If you cannot accelerate, Your competitors will accelerate. Yes, And orders per unit of time will be sold more.
Just this video topic. A small excerpt from the movie Transformers-3. It does not matter what to sell - yourself, Product, Service. The customer wants only one.

I will not argue, The surprise of the client is not a cheap pleasure, But the profits are enormous. Isn't that what you wanted? No, Not this. . . Surprise is not enough, You need to talk about it.

When did you, The reader, Last receive an enthusiastic customer review? So the client's friends did not see him. Do you think that only you need reviews to post them on the site? No, They are needed by friends and acquaintances of the client, Published on the social network. I am two hundred percent sure that the recording on the wall: "Wow, This company surprised me! " Will be hundreds of times more efficient than the millionth advertising budget.

The first basis of marketing redleos(. )com is to surprise a customer so that he tells his friends about it. Then the question of how to raise sales in a crisis, Will disappear by itself.

Give the customer the essence and benefit. This is the second basis of marketing. The customer is drowning in information. To make a purchase decision, Half of this information is not needed. This is rubbish. Having collected the sense and his benefit bit by bit, He makes the decision necessary, Not necessary. He doesn't need anything else.

In other words, The client does not need information about hundreds of characteristics of the drill, He needs to understand whether he can drill a hole in the concrete wall in his apartment. Everything else is violet to the client. He does not need a drill, He needs his wife to peacefully admire the picture.

I do not say that information should not be at all. Based on it, Sellers are being compared, But this information should reflect the essence, And not become rubbish in the customer"s head. Let's spare them and get rid of this extra load. This is in our power with you, Colleague.

Do not call the customer. This is the third foundation of first-class marketing. Yes, That's right - the client does not need to call, It will be necessary, He will find us. I think many marketers and salespeople, Having read this far, Will say that this is complete nonsense and the client needs to call and convince. Not. Not. And again, No.

From the point of view of the consumer, Yes, These unceremonious calls have already reached me at any inconvenient time. And from the point of view of the seller (I once sold services over the phone) I would say that there are plenty of ways to get a client to buy without using the phone. I will list only a few:

well-designed email newsletter;
individual selection of material;
site sharpened for sale;
retargeting in advertising (about this in more detail).
What is retargeting? Really cool stuff. Its essence - the client gets to your site, But does not make a targeted action (does not buy, Does not subscribe, Etc. ) and leaves. Then retargeting starts working. It doesn't matter where (search engine, Social networks, Other sites), But the client constantly sees your advertisement. He has the feeling that your company is everywhere. The principle works, Since only they are everywhere, You need to take it and the client returns to your site and completes the target action. The system is really cool, I'll write more about this later, So don't forget to subscribe to updates.

Here is the key idea. The client needs to call only in two cases, Either if he himself asks for it, Or to clarify the details of the order.

The trust. This is the fourth and final basis of marketing. The client must trust us just like customers trust the brand by only watches his logo redleos(. )com/usa/vintage-retro-style-logo-designers/. Naturally, Customer trust is not won in a second. Trust is the most difficult thing, But the most effective in the long term. And most importantly, Once deserved trust every time must be confirmed. Again and again.

How to gain the trust of customers? Play fair, And not as much as it happens. If the sale, So it really should be a sale, And not plus 50% and minus 40%. If it is a gift, It means that it should be valuable on its own, And not a stale illiquid asset. Yes, And in itself sold goods must be a commodity, And not Chinese it is not clear what.

Livy once said: "The confidence that has been given usually results in loyalty in return. " But there is also the other side of the medal "Lost trust is like a lost life, It is irrevocable. "

Relationship with the client should be based on mutual trust.

That's all the main points of marketing. By implementing these four points, There will be no more problems associated with a recession or a complete lack of sales. Colleague, What else do you think are the basics of marketing not mentioned in the article? What should be the basis of the work of a marketer? Write in the comments.

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