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Real Doomsday Weapon

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6/18/2019 10:31:45 PM
Posted: 9 months ago
The West estimated the Russian missile!

German media are interested in the Russian anti-missile system PRS-1M. Judging by the publication in the German magazine "Stern", Western experts recognize that Russia has pulled ahead in the development of hypersonic weapons.

Particular attention was paid to the recent test of anti-missile system PRS-1M. These missiles belong to the A-135 antimissile system: they can be launched from an underground mine or from a tractor. In this case, PRS-1M is supposed to be used in the event of an atomic war against a nuclear missile strike to protect the capital and other important cities. According to the "Stern" publisher, "PRS-1M is a true Doomsday weapon".

A special feature of that anti-missile system is the use of a few kilotons nuclear warhead as a charge, Which should explode at high altitude. PRS-1M can intercept missiles at an altitude of 50 kilometers, And its range is estimated at 350 kilometers. In this case, The missile is equipped with special protection against overheating. Moreover, It is assumed that the engine used on the PRS-1M can also be used on the other missiles.
In general, This article separately talked about other Russian hypersonic missiles, Which the US antimissile systems could not intercept, And it was noted that Russian missiles and warheads are controlled even at great speeds.

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