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Does a Shared IP Really affect SEO of Website

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7/29/2019 10:09:37 AM
Posted: 1 year ago
The debate over the use of a shared IP address and its effects on SEO has been around for a long time, And many still do not know if it will affect ranking in Google and other search engines. This is a complicated problem, And those new to SEO are wondering whether they should be content with a shared IP address or opt for a dedicated IP.

Fortunately, The answer to this question is quite simple, Although some basic concepts about how SEO and IP addresses work to understand it need to be understood.

What is a shared IP address?
When you create a hosting service account, It is usually assigned a default IP address. Although you can use this account to host as many sites as you want, They will all have the same IP address. This is the network address that the internet uses to tell a browser where to look when someone wants to go to a specific domain. Many hosting services will provide their customers with a dedicated IP address that will only be assigned to one site, But this usually has a higher cost.

Can an IP address have a negative impact on SEO?
There are some cases where a shared IP address can have a negative impact on SEO. However, Most people who use a quality hosting service and do not do anything immoral will not have to worry about it. Google has made it very clear that shared IP addresses have absolutely no influence on search engine rankings, As long as the web host server is configured correctly. Thus, The vast majority of people interested in creating a website will have no problem with a shared IP address. On the other hand, Website owners should note that there are certain things for which they will need to have a dedicated IP address. Among these, There is the use of an SSL certificateto process payments or secure information transiting through the website.

When will an IP address affect SEO?
In the past, People built link networks that led to their main website in order to improve their rankings in major search engines. This is certainly not a good thing to do, And using multiple sites on a shared web hosting IP address kloud. Pk/hostings will only increase the speed at which the engines will detect what is happening and remove those sites from the lists.

Another way to use a shared IP address can potentially negatively affect the SEO of a site if you unknowingly share the IP address with a site that is intended to be spam or contains adult content. Although there is little chance that this will happen, It may be possible if you choose less known companies. However, This is not something you should worry about if you choose a secure shared hosting provider for your websites.
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10/4/2019 7:48:16 AM
Posted: 11 months ago
This doesn't affect SEO directly, But is should be mentioned as well. The real thing you should take into account is Google penalties due to links or malware. . . . Google understands that the website can be on the shared hosting and you can't control websites, Which share same IP or IP subnet.

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