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Squarespace vs WordPress?

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7/29/2020 11:14:27 AM
Posted: 1 month ago
What do you guys prefer? I have mentioned to powerful website building platforms. Which One is Better for You? Squarespace vs WordPress?
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8/10/2020 7:50:47 AM
Posted: 1 month ago
Most developers and webmasters would be comfortable in saying that WordPress is a considerably more powerful and flexible tool than Squarespace, And I"d agree with them. However, That"s not to say that Wordpress is the right choice for all users.

I would argue that in many ways Squarespace meets the needs of individuals and small businesses better than WordPress, Because

It"s easier to set up a Squarespace site than a WordPress one.

Once your site is set up you don"t have to worry about maintenance or security issues " other than remembering to update your site with interesting content periodically, And staying on top of basic SEO techniques, Using Squarespace is a sort of "set and forget" scenario.

Squarespace is a great solution for the likes of photographers, Bands and small business owners, Who just want a simple website quickly and with a minimum of fuss (and down the line, If your needs do become more sophisticated, You could consider hiring a Squarespace developer to enhance your site through custom coding).

However, If you have advanced e-commerce or blogging requirements, Or envisage a scenario where you are operating a business in multiple locations, I"d be inclined to go with WordPress " for the simple reason that you can pretty much build anything with it, And make use of a vast number of plugins and themes.

WordPress is also a much more scalable solution, Thanks to the multilingual and multisite options that are available. A Squarespace site is fine for a business that knows it's only ever going to operate in one location, One currency and in one language " but if your plan is to grow that business and open premises in a variety of locations, Then WordPress is an option that is much better suited for the long-term.

If you are going down the WordPress route, I would suggest that rather than try to use it on the cheap " by doing everything yourself " it makes more sense to work with an experienced developer or agency, And to keep them involved in maintaining your site on an ongoing basis.

Not only will this give you a more polished, Bespoke website, You"ll also get more peace of mind, As you won"t have to worry about security or maintenance. You will need to budget properly for this, But if you work with the right individual or team you"ll get a good product.

One way of deciding on Squarespace vs WordPress for a website build is by asking yourself 3 questions:

(1) "Do I have a large budget? "
(2) "Do I have time? "
(3) "Do I have complex requirements for my site? "

If your budget is tight, You could consider building a Squarespace site yourself, Or " do forgive a plug here " getting in touch with us (we offer competitively-priced Squarespace design services).

By contrast, If you are not particularly limited by budget, I'd be inclined to go with WordPress, But hiring a developer to build and support your site. (Again, Forgive a plug, But you'll find information about our WordPress development services here. )

If you are short on time and technical skills, And absolutely intent on building your website yourself, I'd be inclined to opt for Squarespace over WordPress.

And finally if you have complex requirements for your site you will probably need to use WordPress, As it's a significantly more flexible platform from a functionality point of view.

Below you'll find a summary of some of the key reasons why you might use either Squarespace or WordPress over the other.

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