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Teen Leadership bragging #0

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11/2/2017 12:03:58 AM
Posted: 11 months ago
Every friday we do "mail time". Throughout the week we have written "affirmations" and we read them at mail time. Unless you are going to try and call Sun Tzu wrong, concede stupid little simple things make serious big things.

Here is an affirmation from me to my teacher and the only "-eh" girl in the class that was read on the friday of the week of this post. If there is a person to not just bs what I say it is me. I am a romantic:

"This is the most serious affirmation I am going to write. As you know, my money has not been spent inproving my social intelligence. I had great friends but we moved down here. I have not been able to make a friend at all. Even when someone saw the genius pf that one creep they had to go sometime during the school year. When I saw them again for the first time I said the stupidest and most cringy thing possible. This shattered what I believe was my last chance. Forgive me. (the person is in this class) Although it will not physically fix what 6 years of isolation did to my expression you two's laughs and smiles have annihilated the last of my walls and etched themselves onto my heart. Whenever I appreciate this work of art, which I am now doing daily, although I will not physically smile I am, ear to ear, on the inside. I am beginning to again, feel like a human. If it is my path I am going to pay your lives forward with your name and attitudes to another."