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DDO Civil War Episode 3/The Push Forward

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2/6/2018 8:27:32 PM
Posted: 3 years ago
"If the push determined if we were a good rebelion, well, the doubters would be proven wrong."-YYW
DDO Civil War
Episode 3-The Push Forward

"" asked Lannan. The face turned to Lannan. Bsh took a long glare at his brother Lannan before the sense of hope sinked in for Lannan. "We can finally win...This is amazing Bsh!" replied Lannan.

"I am not here for long." remarked Bsh.
"What do you mean brother?" asked Lannan.
"I"m only helping you this war. YYW"s Rebellion is becoming ruthless. They are pushing to Canal Vas." answered Bsh.
"Well you will be there with your army, right?" questioned Lannan.
"Yes. There move is crappy, and I want them to be exposed for it." answered Bsh in a cautioning way.
"So fight with us in the war!" exclaimed Lannan.
"Lanny, listen here. I have been in this fight for years now. It is not like Ghostbuster. Who you gonna call? Bsh7000! It"s not like that." proclaimed Bsh.
"What do you mean?" asked Lannan.
"I mean I"m not fighting for your cause again! I have been used all this time! Why can"t I have authority here? It isn"t fair. This is my last""
"But your giving up on us!" interrupted Lannan.
"I"m tired of this. Goodbye Lannan." yelled Bsh. Bsh walked into the sunset fading off into the distance leaving Lannan shocked while tears jerked down his face when anger filled his heart.

"Goodbye brother"" chirped Lannan.

The fighting seemed endless at times. Each army was being devastated by others. YYW"s army ran out of supplies and pretty soon the same happened with the Debatir Empire. The war waged on without materials. The resources were drained out.

It was a calm Tuesday when the first sign of life happened. Mortars and RPG"s were flying by the Canal Vas when one hit the West Side of town. This devastated the town and it"s recourses. People scrambled where YYW"s army brutally shot them to death.

The push was cruel and uncalled for. The people were used as slaves for their labor. The women, and by god, lord save their souls. They were used as stress relievers for the soldiers. Nearly 300k were used to lessen the stress. The thoughts plagued the townsmen and they hid.
That"s when the worse happened.

YYW regime was powerful and force. That is when s*x slaves were used as a part for women to sacrifice the men into the army. The people that threw grenades and bombs in the streets were empty. The soldiers feared death. The Rebellion flag was hoisted in the swiftness motion.
"People of Debatir. Canal Vas has fallen to the Rebellion. Our army is the strongest of them all. They can take them down. The news is they used our pure women and used to them to pleasure the soldiers in stress." stated Airmax in the Speech of Holy.

"Is this what their animal like Empire has come to? They are going to do this to the people who gave birth? There souls are plagued and need to be addressed. This was not an attack on us. It was an attack on humanity."

"Now women all over the world our scared to talk or be with men. Because of your acts, you created large distress all over the world. You commited a global sin. I don"t tolerate this."

"You can attack our Empire, but do not attack our innocent people. An attack on the innocent, is an attack on the world." finished Airmax.
Vaarka knocked on the door of Airmax. "Emperor Vaarka! What guides you here." asked Airmax.

"The innocence of a man...count me in on the fight." replied Vaarka. "I speak now for Sui, Khaos""
"Amazing." spoke Airmax.
"But there"s one more." told Vaarka. That"s when ally of the Rebellion, Danielle stood in front of Airmax.
End of Episode 3!
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