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Email Verification and Identity Confirmation

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5/15/2013 2:55:17 PM
Posted: 8 years ago
If you are experiencing issues with e-mail verification and/or identity/cell phone confirmation, please read the following:

E-mail Verification - "Verify Your Email Address"

Necessary for: Participating in Debates, Forums, and Opinions

When you created your account, you should have received an e-mail from verify @ (no spaces) to the address you used to sign up. This e-mail contains both an e-mail verification link and your corresponding verification code.

If you have not received the verification e-mail:

1) Double check your inbox and/or any spam/trash folders for an email from verify @ (no spaces)
Once you find the e-mail, click on the link, and input the corresponding code when prompted.

2) If you cannot find the e-mail, visit
a. Navigate to and log in to your account
b. Navigate to to resend the verification e-mail
c. Check your inbox and any spam/trash folders
d. When you open the message, follow the link and input the code when prompted

If the e-mail verification code and/or link in the email is not working:

1) Send an email to webmaster @ (no spaces) with the subject line "Verification Problem"

2) Please supply your username and describe in detail the issue you are having

For all other issues, please send an e-mail to webmaster @ (no spaces).

Cell Phone Confirmation - "Confirm Your Identity"

Necessary for: Voting on Debates

If you would like to confirm your identity without the use of a mobile phone, either because you do not wish to share your number or because your carrier and/or country are not available, please follow these steps:

1) Complete 3 debates

2) Contact the site moderator, airmax1227 (, to have your identity confirmed manually

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