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Boy these young sensitive people

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8/21/2019 8:11:38 PM
Posted: 1 month ago
I can't believe what type of sensitive, Whiny cry baby teenagers and young people we have today. Man they will get quite a shock when they enter the work force. Working with old grumpy, Racist, Narcissistic insensitive sexually gropy people will really be a shock for most.

The people today all cry about being judged and being treated unfairly and believing that all laws and rules will always be followed. Well guess what, You are WRONG.

The world is an angry, Scamming, Racist, Rude place and I just laugh when I see all these inexperienced sensitive people today crying about being judges and shamed. Welcome to the real world where everyone will judge you and shame you and make fun of you and you might think it's not fair and insensitive but that is how life is.

So stop crying and whining and complaining about people not being politically correct. But that's how the real world is. Your teacher is not around to offer solace after you were bullied, Anything goes in the real world, So get used to it faggot, Queer, Dyke, Fat plumper, Goth wearing freak, Nerd, Nip, Kyke or whatever. Cover up those piercings and those tattoos and start listening to your bosses and superiors because you will be judged and shamed if you don't get in line pansy boy.

Everyone shames and judges in the real world so get used to it and deal with it baby!
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9/10/2019 5:23:47 AM
Posted: 1 week ago
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