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How to find this info on Alaska's economy?

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9/12/2017 12:24:34 AM
Posted: 1 year ago
I'm wondering what percent of all oil mined from Alaskan territory is mined by out-of-state companies. And also what percent of all oil mined is exported.

These questions intrigue me because its my belief that U.S. trade laws allowing out of state corporations to harvest Alaska's natural resources is contributing to Alaska's insanely high-cost of living, when that wealth could otherwise go to Alaskans in the form of jobs and an overall increase in the state's GDP. No state in the U.S. is as dependent on one industry as Alaska.

But I'm struggling to find the data that would answer these questions, and I don't know if it even exists. I tried contacting the Chamber of Commerce in Alaska, but no response thus far. I doubt they think its worth their time. Does anyone have any suggestions on how/where to find this information?